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  • AshleyG

    YAY!!!!! Love her BOOTS!!! The contents of her purse pretty much match mine down to the stride spearmint gum! lol! Really like her LV bag as I am into super simple/structured pieces lately. She makes nice music too :)

  • marisa

    I’m loving these WIHB interviews! :D

  • fashionlove

    She has some great items in her bag. Love it.

  • lulugurl2006

    I love her bag and this WIHB edition!

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    Love Shontelle! she sure represents all West Indian girls (like myself) well..her voice is incredible and her songs and songwriting skills are awesome! Thanks Purseblog for featuring a beautiful successful West Indian woman like Shontelle!

  • Michelle

    I love how knowledgeable she seems about her bags/accessories! I know that many celebrities love fashion, but they don’t know much about the products they purchase.

    Beautiful boots!

  • Shopping Lady

    Love her ring

  • PhotoGirl

    This is great! Love her bag and her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing. So nice to see some diversity here. Well done.

  • Jane H.

    Those shoes are NICE.

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Gorgeous pics of her Alma and goodies inside!

  • GK

    it’s great to see this very classy formal looking bag matched with a very trendy casual look….I like the mix match it worked….

    i’ve been wanting this bag for a long time but didn’t feel i could mix match with it…now i’m re thinking it….

  • Another Nancy

    Like, like, like!

  • serene

    I would like to see videos from these people too :)

  • Cathy Fitz

    Love this! And her ring!

  • Staci

    I really enjoyed Shontelle’s feature (great questions!) and love her LV Alma!

  • mochababe73

    I like her boots.
    I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of her music, but I love that I could read her interview. She certainly has style.
    The pictures are amazing.

  • 19yearslater

    So many pretty pictures! I love seeing her things as well as shots of her filling out the questionnaire. Looks like she’s having fun!

  • fuchsiafury

    I preferred the Epi Alma before seeing these photos, but this has changed my mind! I don’t know who she is, but she definitely has great taste. I LOVE that she isn’t simply a walking reflection of some stylist’s whim.

  • Wendy

    I am in love with that bag! Pretty pics too!

  • topsyturvyriz

    does she use a bag organizer? :)

  • Chicky

    I have this bag but rarely see anyone else carrying it. Love to see it featured here as it is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • rose60610

    Great bag. I have the Alma in Epi Electric. Nice. I am happy for her success.

  • Handbag Lover

    I love this segment and the images are awesome!

  • Adiva

    I love Alma…this color is a TDF. I love how she mixes with her rock style shoes!!

  • Janis

    She’s so beautiful and seems very down-to-earth.

  • Janis

    She’s so beautiful and seems very down-to-earth.

  • Laura

    Love her and her bag! I need some more LV in my life!

  • JS

    love Alma!

  • Katie

    Love her, Love her bag….That wallet is definitely different. The colors are great together!

  • danieli

    I have the same SS wallet!! Love her hot pink gloss!

  • Jeri

    Love loVe LOVE! What colour is this bag? amarante?

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