Both Alex and Simon carry bags by Andrea Valentini. Make sure to tune in to watch the Real Housewives of New York premiere on April 7th at 10/9c on Bravo and follow up by reading Amanda’s recap on PurseBlog.

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  • Alana

    These pictures are amazing and I love Simon and Alex!! Hope you feature Alex too!!!

  • lisa

    i get a kick out of simon! he has fun with fashion!

  • Mochababe73

    I LOVE Simon. I still remember those red leather pants that he wore in the Season 1 finale.

  • Melissa

    Simon has definitely grown on me over the seasons and now I think he and Alex are both fantastic! His handwriting is atrocious, though ;) maybe it’s just the pen he used? I think I deciphered it correctly!

  • AshleyG

    Pretty much had NO idea what this says but love him and his man bag :)

  • Marianna

    Great photos Vlad! I love the bag and I always enjoy Simon-he is an original!

  • qudz

    i love simon! one of my fave RH-hubby but i just cant make out anything he wrote, lol.

  • Fallonlatrece

    I don’t know what he said but I like the bag. I love the labtop bag just as well.

  • Staci

    Simon has great taste and I enjoy seeing what he’ll wear next! Thanks for the inside peek at WIHB!

  • 19yearslater

    He forgot AND WHY. I don’t watch Real Housewives of anywhere, so I don’t know anything about this guy- other than what’s in his bag, now.

  • Dana

    Simon’s bag is cuter than his wife’s bag haha

  • KaylaNiche

    You go, Simon! He cracks me up! You can tell he’s a student of fashion, he absolutely loves his wife and sons. I love that. And I’m sure he’s reading this right now, so HEY SIMON!!! :-)

  • Cathy Fitz

    I like how the messenger and laptop carrier are reversed buttons.

  • Jamie

    Love the guy, I wish I could read his handwriting. :(

  • ninjaninja

    Wow, love the bag!

  • JenG

    My favorite RH’s couple!

  • Joyce

    Can I steal his bag? :)

  • janis


  • adrienne z

    wish I had all of the stuff IN his bag AND the bag too!

  • bb

    Love Simon!!!! He is soooooo into fashion…..and he loves his wife and kids!!!! Gotta love a man that loves his family. He could be a doctor with that penmanship!

  • Kaye Beeh

    Yummy bag. I love Simon and Alex. I follow them and they follow me on twitter. They know so much about fashion and are so fashionable it is not even funny. But his bag I love so much, is it unisex because it could work for more. If it can hold that laptop, then I can carry a ton of books!

  • Kelly

    love his bag!!

  • Dee

    I’m really diggin’ his bag!

  • Azwa

    I had a hard time reading his writing =p but nice bag

  • DJ

    I really love the texture on that bag!

  • christine

    The texture of the bag make it fun and contemporary. I have to say I’m happy and relieved to see that their home is finished and fully renovated the first few episodes it was just a hazard to the kids and to look at. Great bag Simon!

  • Lianne

    That is one cool bag. I would carry it.

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