Want It Wednesday: September 25
  • Miles

    Question Amanda – do you lovely PB folks actually end up buying these items? would be nice to see some posts about what you got :)

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no! If it’s a $50 beauty product, you can bet I bought it. The $5k Saint Laurent motorcycle jacket I chose a couple of weeks ago, on the other hand, was more of a fantasy “want.” That’s why the price ranges always vary! We’ve toyed with the idea of doing monthly posts about what we’ve bought, so that might be something you see in the future!

  • Candace

    Who wants what?

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      We’re playing with the structure of Want It Wednesday a little bit right now – we’ll have the Wants clearly labeled by team member next week!

  • Joanna

    Love the sweater.


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