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  • Joshua

    That Jason Wu tote looks too much like a Kelly gone mainstream because of the calf hair and the luggage tag.

    • Agreed, the closure makes it look a lot like a Kelly.

  • AJ

    “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?”

    In this instance, I fall firmly in the underwhelmed category.

  • As a recently broken footed person, I want to thank you for this post on behalf of the entire crutch using community.

  • pixiegirlie

    some fads of the 90’s should stay in the 90’s this is one of them

  • bir

    this is one trend that i will not adopt in all honesty it was bad back then its worse now !!

  • I love MCM, I LOVE studs… but I hate the fact that they’ve become “SWAG” material thanks to Bieber… ugh. Still, it’s an awesome backpack and thankfully one of the trends a guy can wear without screaming GAY.

  • seresy

    I commute (1.5 hours each way) by train a couple times a week and could actually use a backpack version of my large Le Pliage – I don’t want to set my nice bags on a grimy train floor and need waterproof and spacious and easy to clean. So…the quest will continue, since none of these really suit my needs as of yet.

  • bryologue

    I tried saying no to the backpack for a long time, but I’m now open to it.

  • Cate Adair

    Here are some great backpacks that you should consider since you want your hands free:

  • Kiddo

    I really enjoy using a backpack because I can carry a lot of stuff without sacrificing the health of my body. I dislike carrying a handbag because I always have to switch the straps over my shoulders.

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