Let’s start with a bag that’s very Katy Perry, just in case any of you guys have been in a coma for five years and just came to and wanted to check on the latest in handbag news first thing. The Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch more or less epitomizes are cartoonishly feminine style. Buy through Lulu Guinness for $465.

The Many Bags of Katy Perry (5)

This Valeria Pesqueira Teddy Bear Bag was an early indication of where Perry’s style would head. (Heh. “Head.”)

The Many Bags of Katy Perry (2)
  • shueaddict

    hmm … her tatse is handbags is only minimally better than her taste in men.
    Nevertheless I love her for having such fun with crazy fashion… and for impersonating Daria … blast from the past!!!

  • Lilly

    She’s too costumie/cartoonish for me. The only bags I covet are #’s 4 and 20, everything else is meh. I would love to see a celeb. who carries other high end lines that are not Chanel, Prada, etc.

  • Rosey

    Really interesting collection the Daria costume bag and all takes the cake. Love all her pink bags.

  • Andy

    Anyone recognize the coat she’s wearing in the Louboutin pill clutch pic? It’s gorgeous.

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      She was attending the Viktor & Rolf show in Paris in that photo, so my money’s on the coat being from them. It’s incredible.

      • Yoshi

        It is a Viktor & Rolf coat. I think Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear. Jennifer Lawrence was seen wearing a dress with the same design too. Both are beautiful!

  • pixiegirlie

    As much as I love Katy, I am not a fan of her clothes or bags.

  • kelly ?

    i actually like her best in the conservative style, with the chloe and celine trio…she looks great when she tones it down a bit.

  • sardoodledom

    The cartoonish bag she has in the last pic is from Jump From Paper.

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