Because Real Housewives of Orange County rookie cast member Lydia McLaughlin inspired this post, we’ll start with her and her Louis Vuitton Sunshine Express Monogram Speedy.

The Many Bags of Bravolebrities-31
  • T Tara Bagnista

    I’ve been in love with BV Cabat for years! Unfortunately, the price is out of my budget. I see most of the ladies carry big bags (as do I). According to today’s WSJ, the mini bag is the current trend. Amanda, do you agree?

    • Amanda Mull

      Yep, smaller bags are definitely a trend right now, and personally, I like them better for my own use.

    • twirler

      I feel like I’ll be saving my whole life for a BV Cabat! They’re gorgeous and classic.

  • AshleyG

    Gretchen’s bags look like something you’d fine hanging on the wall of a Cato Fashions in Mississippi (and I’m from MS). But kudos to her for carrying her own crap. I do love these posts though- THANK YOU PURSEBLOG! And super thank you for going back to this viewing option!

    I laughed out loud at but so enjoyed the inclusion of Zoila! The speedy looks adorable in her hands!

    Padma is officially my new e-stalking victim.

    *mouth on the floor* at Teresa and her Garden Party collection- who woulda thunk it?!

  • Harry Avery

    Jill’s Bag is from the first season when she custom makes a bag with some nyc based designer.

  • Jessica

    I remember when watching the first and second season of The Real Housewives of Miami that I always saw Lea Black with multiple exotic birkins. Most of them were crocodile but I did ocassionally see an ostrich. I’m sure if you looked her up on google there would be dozens of pictures ! Also, I know that Louis Vuitton bag Jill is holding in the picture with LuAnn is a few seasons old, but I still really love it. That is one of my regrets having not purchased :(

    • Amanda Mull

      We can only use pictures of celebs that we can purchase from a photo agency, unfortunately! Otherwise, we violate the photo owner’s copyright on the image. I looked through all of the Lea Black images that were available to us and no Birkins, sadly.

      • Jessica

        Ahh I see ! Makes sense now :) Either way, I think you guys did an awesome job of finding great bag pictures !

  • Guest

    Padma’s exotic Birkin is gorgeous. Of course, with her string of rich ex-husbands, aging boyfriends, and millionaire baby daddies, I would expect no less.

  • FashionableLena

    Teresa’s Hermes Garde Party bags are my favorite along with Alexis’ Padma’s green Chanel.
    And Gretchen’s bags remind me of those Kathy Van Zeeland bags that I see on QVC. Pure crap but at least she wears her own product. Like a cheap version of Victoria Beckham. Very, very cheap.

  • keely

    disagree with padma being lumped in with these brain dead housewives

  • Susan Tanya

    Love Alexis Bellino and her bags. She is beautiful and so are her many Hermes! Love love love it!

    • Canuck65

      yeah but are hermes real?

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I question as well the authenticity of Alexis’ Birkin bags. She did admit to wearing a fake wedding ring while keeping her real ring in a vault.

  • Regina George

    Oh my god, no wonder the value of my bags keep depreciating.

  • Jen

    I admire Joanna desire to be cruelty free. I don’t have that kind of discipline. I thoroughly enjoyed this post–Thank you!!

  • Pursejunkie

    Ramona Singer rides the subway?
    Also, I think Lea’s mega-clutch is fantastic!

  • Zachry

    The person who makes Jills bag was a woman whose name started with “B”. She bought the bag season two.

  • Ineedbags

    Does anyone know the style name of this bag!?

  • Kathy Dowdle

    Lea Black’s giant clutch looks like a glittery, rolled-up, yoga mat.

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