Zambos & Siega Brooke BagWe’ve talked before about how consumers decide how much they’d be willing to spend on a non-leather bag. When we say “non-leather,” we’re usually talking about canvas, linen, woven straw, or some other kind of material that originates in nature. What about a fake leather bag, though? Most high-end retailers don’t stock much faux leather, so it’s something we don’t consider often. When I saw the Zambos & Siega on ShopBop, however, I was surprised to read that it was not only faux python, but entirely faux – as in not really leather.

In the matter of a few words, I went from thinking the price point was extremely fair to thinking that this bag was kind of a ripoff. If I wanted fake embossed PVC, I know exactly where to get it: Target. And it costs $19, not over $100. At least in the case of a canvas or straw bag, you’re getting REAL canvas or REAL straw, not a synthetic material masquerading as something naturally beautiful. So, ladies, I can’t help but tell you to stay far, far away from this one. Buy through ShopBop for $121.

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  • Christine

    Amanda – I just updated my blog with a post about Matt & Nat on They do the luxury vegan leather handbags. I made a similar comment about how much $$ they are now. The bag I posted is $300! Not sure if it’s worth it — they need to convince me.

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