The West/Feren Birkshire Handbag makes me think of a very specific kind of girl. She’s taller than average, but not freakishly tall; thinner than average, but not freakishly thin. Her hair is somewhere between blond and brown, and it looks natural but it’s actually carefully planned and always wavy, like she’s just come from the beach, although there is no beach to speak of. The things that she wears look vintage and you have no idea where she got them, but they’re not vintage. They’re really expensive, and they’re from boutiques that you don’t know about yet. By the time you do, she probably won’t shop there anymore.

West/Feren Birkshire Handbag

Yes, this bag is a match made in heaven for THAT girl. It looks like a well-worn vintage piece but it’s actually brand new and intended for just that purpose. Which is not to say I don’t like it – I do. And the girl that will love it is incredibly stylish and someone a lot of us probably envy. On a lot of people, though, it might look too worn or old, or maybe like the wearer was trying a bit too hard. Buy through Shop Bop for $175.

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  • Sarah Mink

    LOVE this bag.

  • renee

    I have a vintage-ish linea pelle that looks alot like this that I am waiting to give to my daughter in a few years.

  • cindy w

    Can you read minds??
    I had that type of thought when I was looking at the photo! LOL. Love the write-up and it’s 100% dead-on. I know I couldn’t rock this bag.

  • jane

    I’m short, kinda chunky. I just bought this bag. It’s a steal.

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