Marc Jacobs Classic Key Pouch Don’t rub your eyes too much – you are seeing a Marc Jacobs design over here on Purse Blog Savvy. While we normally showcase the latest and greatest MJ bags on Purse Blog, when I came across this pouch I had to share it with you here. The Marc Jacobs Classic Key Pouch is an absolutely precious option for when you are having a minimalistic moment.

This key pouch is small but still has some amazing aspects to it. I love the soft grained leather, but I really love the gold-tone pushlock. When dealing with small pouches like this, you have to be careful because even the smallest accent gone wrong would turn the entire look into a disaster. Luckily this is not a concern with this pouch. I could totally see myself throwing in my ID, a credit card or two and a little bit of cash. Definitely not a bad idea. Buy through Bloomingdales for $125.

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  • Priya

    I love the pushlocks too! You should review the MJ Christy bag which has two pockets with the mini push locks that double as magnets. Adorable!

  • ingrid

    the red version of this key pouch is on sale on for less than half price!

  • angle

    Prefect but not best!If you go www istemstore com I guaranee u will find more good bags and more cheaper…

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