Sigh. I’m a big Lauren Merkin fan in general. I like a designer that knows what she’s good at and doesn’t venture too far into other territory. There’s something to be said for carving out a niche and really perfecting it, and that’s what Ms. Merkin tends to do with her cute little clutches.

Lauren Merkin Ava Jeweled Clutch

I cannot, however, get on board with the Lauren Merkin Ava Jeweled Clutch. It’s not terrible, per se, it’s just kind of…meh. And I wouldn’t so much call it “jeweled” as I would call it “with rocks randomly attached.” The color and finish of the leather are a little too granola-y for me, as are the color and the general appearance of the “jewels.” The whole thing just isn’t inspiring to me, and clutches have such an infinite ability to be fun and adorable that I’ve come to expect more from Ms. Merkin. Buy through Shop Bop for $325.

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