Is anyone out there still looking for a summer clutch? I have a hard time gauging weather-based things from where I am, since Georgia is in for face-melting temperatures until approximately October. If I were to buy the Kate Spade La Playa De Cebra Loren Clutch, I’d still get a good bit of use out of it before cold weather set in, but would the average American customer? That’s a question that I can’t entirely answer on my own.

Kate Spade La Playa De Cebra Loren Clutch

Is the clutch worth that gamble? Maybe. The zebra-striped straw is more interesting than your average summer clutch, and the contrasting patent trim is a nice, safari-esque touch. The price – almost $300 – seems oddly high for a straw clutch from Kate Spade, though. Even if you’re going to get plenty more sunshine this year, you’d probably be better served by putting that money towards an ultra-luxe leather bag for fall. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $295.

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  • Mandy

    I really like this clutch, but would not pay nearly $300 for it. I’d also put the money toward a great leather bag for Fall. Cute, but not cute enough.

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