I just realized yesterday morning that I have to get on a plane this weekend and spend a week and a half away from New York, and although I’ve had these tickets booked for two months, the entire thing has caught me by surprise. I’m going home early because of a friend’s wedding and staying late to avoid the Thanksgiving rush (and to get a slightly more reasonable ticket price), but if you’re doing the traditional half-week stay, you still have plenty of time to think about travel accessories.

And really, what better way to perk yourself up for an unpleasant trip through a couple of airports during peak travel time than a new bag? We have three options in three different styles that all run less than $400 (and don’t worry, they all have shoulder straps, even though they’re not pictured). In fact, I bet at least two of these bags are less expensive than your plane ticket; they’re definitely less expensive than mine.

Whether or not the brightly colored camo on the LeSportsac Joyrich Large Weekender is “chic” is probably debatable, but I love a bright, even garish, pattern when it comes to travel bags. Not only does it help hide wear and tear, but you can spot a bag like this from a mile away in a sea of black luggage at the airport. If you’d rather have a different pattern, LeSportsac makes a ton of ’em. Buy through ShopBop for $178.

If you’d prefer something with a more utilitarian look or an ethical source, check out the Alternative Apparel Sierra Nevada Bag. Alternative Apparel is an Atlanta-based company that uses sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing processes, and this tough canvas duffel is typical of the company’s industrial aesthetic. The military surplus aesthetic is chic in a totally casual, easy way. Buy through ShopBop for $98.

Pendleton’s classic plaids are enjoying a fashionable resurgence, and if you prefer your travel accessories to be a little more dignified and traditional than our two other options, the leather-trimmed Pendleton Portland Collection Luggage Bag option might be right up your alley. Buy through ShopBop for $348.

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  • mochababe73

    As much as I love bright colors, the plaid is my favorite.

  • Stills

    Love the first one!


  • jennesia

    The Le Sportsac is so beautiful.

  • rose60610

    When traveling, pockets and compartments are a good thing. The leather on plaid is nice.

  • Shirley J

    i would go with the LeSportsac Joyrich Large Weekender…its fun and colorful…..i love my colors!!

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