There’s just something I love about a good berry shade. I know that they reached their height in popularity last season and yellow and blue have taken over for summer, but I just can’t help it. They’re my favorite thing to use for a bright-as-neutral look and they go really well with my skin tone and eye and hair color. Because of their blue undertones, they work well on a variety of people (much more so than, say, yellow).

Furla Elisabeth Hobo

The Furla Elisabeth Hobo is a great example of the beauty of berry. The ostrich-embossed leather gives the oversized hobo (it’s really a tobo – it has two straps) all the visual interest it needs and allows the stunning color to take center stage. I think Furla is an under-appreciated brand in general for what beautiful, soft leather they normally use, and this slouchy bag is no different. It’s a great shape, a great color, and the type of bag that can be worn with a multitude of other colors and with almost any outfit to provide a bit of a pop. Until you’ve owned a bag in a similar shade, you don’t realize how versatile it can be or how many compliments you’ll get. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $495.

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