Hold on to your hats, ladies, it’s time to get into the PurseBlog wayback machine and take a trip to 2005. The world economy is still humming along, I’m still in college, and It Bags rule the world – none more so than the Chloé Paddington. In its wake, however, was another bag that the brand managed to convince a lot of women that they wanted – the Chloé Silverado.

I haven’t seen or thought of a Silverado since approximately 2007, although I don’t know when the brand officially stopped making the model. Not that it matters now, however, because the bag is back, presumably to remind us all of the need to keep searching for the next must-have accessory. I don’t know about you, but that’s just not a message of which I’d like to be reminded.

The Silverado, always the Paddington’s second banana, was just never a good enough bag to make a comeback necessary. Sure, it had some python iterations that looked pretty nice, but it didn’t have the design flourishes that really made stars out of bags from that era – the Paddington’s lock or the Fendi Spy’s secret compartment and thorny woven handles, for example. The Silverado is a leather satchel with a lot of whipstitching, which is all well and good, but doesn’t merit a special comeback in the average brown shade that we see here.

I don’t remember how much a Silverado went for back in the day, so I can’t say if they’ve raised the price or not, but if they did it probably wasn’t by much. That’s nice, but the bag just doesn’t seem current or interesting anymore, particularly considering the tailored midcentury looks that showed up on the recent global runways – would any of you consider buying this bag? Buy through Saks for $1495.

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  • Graciella

    I’ve always loved and coveted the larger doctor bag incarnation in mushroom…whish that one would come back!

  • Danieli

    Loved it for a tiny while back in 2006, never bought one. If I am going to spend that amount it will be on Balenciaga or LV. Chloe just never got me to fall in love them.

  • SFitting

    I, too, loved and owned the Paddington, but not this one – never this one. You are correct Amanda…what makes this one stand out among the rest -NOTHING!

  • Linda

    It’s a pass! I think the shape isn’t now and is wrongly making a comeback. Kinda trying to do what Kooba did with it’s Sienna bag. I wish designers could just design more original syles and listen more to their consumer’s concerns! It’s time for a fresh new bag that’s cutting edge!

  • chloehandbags

    Actually, you’d need to take a trip back a bit further than 2005, Amanda – it was S/S 2004 when the Silverado was first released.

    So, the Paddy was actually in the Silverado’s wake. :)

    • I didn’t intend to imply that that’s when the bag debuted, just that it was when Chloe’s It-Bags first started to get lots of attention.

      • Graciella

        Oh yes, the good old days…I was lusting over Chloe bags so much, it just wasn’t healthy anymore…LOL

      • chloehandbags

        Yes, I see what you mean, Amanda.

        I think Phoebe’s bags were slower to catch-on in the US, than they were in the UK, because online stores like NM and BG weren’t even stocking them until S/S ’04 (I meant it, this time!) and even then, only one bag at a time, until ’05, I think?

        Just thought I ought to clarify that the Silverado actually pre-dated the Paddy – especially as it was somewhat eclipsed by it.

        It seemed only fair!

    • chloehandbags

      Sorry, just saw I said S/S ’04, when I meant (and was even thinking!) A/W ’04 – don’t know why I said that?!

      Duh! :D

  • Coutureislove
  • Jessica McClintock Bedding

    I’m not blown away by it, but it’s a nice casual-outfit accessory :)


  • Loquita

    I am a *major* Chloe lover, although I have to admit that the Silverado is not my favorite Chloe design. As for Chloe attempting to conjure up the “good old days” of “it” bag-dom, I would dare say that they are not alone. I have seen more more than one designer re-issue a top-selling bag and/or color as a sure-fire means of generating revenue. (Can anyone say Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki? Kooba Sienna? Botkier Trigger? Treesje Magnolia? Etc., etc…) Personally, I find it lazy design – and from what I gather on tPF, consumers are rarely as satisfied with the 2.0 version as the original, despite the fact that we are often the ones clamoring for the re-issue in the first place.

    • I generally agree with your comment, although I have to say that I love my Botkier Trigger 2.0. I wish they’d make that bag every season, I’d buy it over and over again. But I agree that Chloe is not the only brand trying to make lightening strike twice without being particularly creative, and their efforts would be more well-received if they made great new bags that we didn’t even know we wanted yet. I just don’t know where the Silverado reissue idea came from – I haven’t noticed any particular increased nostalgia for the bag, and it wasn’t even their most popular product while it was being made in the first place.

      • Loquita

        Word. The Silverado part deux has me scratching my head…I mean, it would make more sense to revive the Paddington (if they had ever gotten rid of it in the first place – that bag’s like a (lovely) Energizer Bunny!) Or better yet (be still my beating heat) the Betty. And it’s wonderful that you love your Botkier Trigger 2.0 – I would dig one myself, it’s a classic – but that appears to be the exception to the rule with re-issues. Sigh…

  • Jessica

    I personally love the silverado – it was the first style that attracted me to the Chloe brand – and although it has not received as much popularity as say the “paddington” – it is still a very well made, easy to carry, attractive bag – that I still enjoy using. I would love to see it have a revival!

  • Marie Denee

    I got my first Chloe satchel almost two years ago in this amazing weathered bronze color, and I heart it to death! I need form, function, and flyness for my bag, and living in a city, the Chloe Satchel did it for me. This one above, is just mmm- no wow or gasp for me…

  • LaToya

    I like the style but color is ugly to me. But its a great bag.

  • mrsblum

    i loooove it!

  • bowers

    Have always wanted a paddington.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    Not crazy about it–never was… I prefer Chloe’s Paraty Bag or the large Heloise Hobo… Both available for viewing on the Bergdorf Goodman website–

  • gopher

    maybe they just found some extra in stock

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  • Miamia

    Does nothing for me….looks really boring and not very feminine

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  • Chi

    I got this ages ago as a gift, let’s just say ..


  • RGMofNYC

    This bag is hideous. It looks like it could’ve been bought at the gift store of a dude ranch. No color, no material could change or improve this bag. It’s just a no.

  • Elyse

    the color is fantastic – but it does not look like it is worth the money to buy it. (fb)

  • Posh



  • Jocelyn

    I wouldn’t buy it.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    ehh the bag designs of chole seem the same. (fb)

  • Ineke

    I bought this bag in Curacao and I’m still very happy with it! I’m a Dutch woman and everybody is looking at this Chloé bag in a kind of shock…. So even if it is 2010 it is still happening…

  • Safa

    Ugly. I love the Paraty and the Marcie, and, of course, loved the Paddy back in the day. But this is just hideous. So hideous, in fact, that it makes me question the wisdom of buying a Chloe at all. Overreaction, maybe, but not a feeling I have about anything in, say, the Balenciaga lineup.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    too much going on (fb)

  • Melody

    mmm i dun like it at all (fb)

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  • maria

    Absolutely love the silverado satchel handbag..can’t afford it though..would love to find a real bargain on this bag..

  • maria

    looking for a chloe silverado knockoff. can not afford the real thing :(

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  • Tammyosaurus

    I Love my Chloe Silverado in Green! Beautiful quality and discreet in branding. Unfortunately, i need to raise some cash and have to sell it.
    Will be posting on Ebay soon, but if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful handbag, and for pictures please email me tammyosaurus@yahoo:twitter .co.uk
    Regards Tammy


  • irgi