• Black Beauty

    As usual great job Megs and Vlad! Thanks!!

  • lula_bernie

    Thanks so much for the interview, Vlad and Megs!

  • Crazy4Handbags

    Yes, nicely done, Megs and Vlad! And thanks for sharing!!

  • Desiprinzess718

    Great interview Megs and Vlad! Thank you

  • Cari

    what is the name of the bag fifth page bottom right the black n white one with the flap and gold hw.

  • Antonia

    She sounds so down to earth! Thanks for a great interview Vlad and Megs!!! :)

  • piratesbooty

    Great interview! Thanks Megs & Vlad!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Thanks a bunch Megs & Vlad for this wonderful interview…I have been looking for it & I am so glad to see it’s posted now! This SPRING 2009 collection is gorgeous & very drool worthy!!!

  • Tracy

    Thanks Megs and Vlad! <3

  • my new bag

    I have just finally “seen” how great these bags are, thanks to both of you,
    right interview right time

  • Marcia

    Thanks for the great interview. Minkoff has bags with great style and at prices most people can afford – that’s why they are popular. Today everyone is looking for value for their money and she gives you that without having to spend thousands. I love her new colors and styles.

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