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  • 8Lovelee .

    OMG this is terrible. It’s like an 80’s flashback.

  • lisa

    Honestly I’m on the fence about it! I actually like the way it looks on bag 1 and 2. But it looks off on 3 and 4 and the black bag on the cover photo.

  • Ginger

    the obsession print though? i am obsessed! ;-) i really hope they end up doing the padlock bag in that print!!!

  • kemilia

    It kinda looks ok on the blue bag (2), but really bad on the black bag. Overall, not a good look.

    • I think it looks ok on the blue bag because that bag is pretty! I don’t find fault with the bags themselves – the shapes are nice and materials look nice, but the logo really ruins it for me!

  • What I’ve learned today is I need to update my gchat icon because my hair hasn’t looked like that since 2014

  • TexasST

    The bags are lovely and would have been awesome with the little McQueen skull rather than the new logo. Maybe they are trying to appeal to an audience that doesn’t want a skull on their bag though. :o(

  • Kate

    I unfortunately must agree. That logo is utterly atrocious. When I saw it, my reaction went from shocked disgust to perplexity to hilarity. I’m somewhere between hilarity and feeling offended as I type this comment. I know that logos are back, but this is a bit sad, actually.

  • Amazona

    One word: cheap! The logo looks like those you can see on 30 € pleather bags that imitate designer styles. I actually, on first glance and without reading the headline, thought it was a Mango bag but then, on second look, I realised it had a Q, not O on it…and then I HAD to check the story to find out what the heck was going on with that bag.
    Just a Q with a tiny skull emblem would be MUCH better!

  • Lori

    I think the logo would work better if it was smaller. I think it’s not a bad logo, just a bit too much logo.

  • Kloe F.

    It is absolutely terrible. It looks so cheap… think Juicy Couture?

  • Emily


  • Theo

    Very JW Anderson / Juicy Couture? I really don’t like it

    • Edia

      i do love the jw logo bags though, i have to say…and i was just thinking that i like the amq because its like the jw

    • Alex

      That’s exactly what I thought!
      What a way to ruin a perfectly good selection of bags….

  • Truth is, I’ve seen worse but this is particularly painful because McQueen had that no logo, skull thing going on and it was awesome. Now they’re competing with Michael Kors for the biggest shiniest logo. SMH

  • Carrie Colbert

    Yikes. Not good.


  • Carrie Colbert

    Yikes. Not good.


  • chloe

    Is it just me or is the logo placement in slide 2 (blue croc embossed) very slanted?

    • Dorothy Bechtol

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    • Imgoingbroke

      Good eye. It is placed at a slant. Ridiculous.

      • Kendraphaslett2

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  • CameronY

    Hate it. Also kind of a rip off of YSL (which also isn’t so great). Why can’t they continue to be original like they have been in the past?

    • Ya I got a YSL feel but it’s just weird bc YSL has been doing that for a long time – McQueen just introduced it.

  • Smithy

    It reminds me of something C. Wonder would try to pull off during the Burch family divorce.

  • FashionableLena

    I think that the logo actually goes with bag one. It cheapens the look of the other bags.

    • Stacy

      Agree 100%

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    skull is way better, more subtle, this new logo is like its trying to copy Louie Vuitton

  • FUGLY!

    *Internal screaming*

    • Sparkletastic

      Lol!!!! ????

  • seres

    Definitely don’t like the logo. Also prefer Saint Laurent’s Betty, which has similar bilateral 90 degree angles WITHOUT any logo.


    The shape & construction of this bag remind me a lot of Constance bag. Too bad they had put the huge ugly logo on it,

  • Sparky

    read: MK

  • Lily

    That is one ugly and tacky logo. Such a shame that the House of McQueen has stooped to this level. Alexander McQueen bags are usually elegant, with gothic influences.

  • Yoshi1296

    OMG…This logo is BUTT UGLY

  • Pete

    This is so disrespectful to Alexander McQueen

  • Yazi

    Ugly, tacky, looks cheap too. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.

  • Sara

    I never really liked the skull but this is much much worse. Now I want the skull back, at least it was quirky. This one is done to death

  • Rashida

    It isn’t Alexander McQueen. This is something he wasn’t!

  • ottercat

    Makes me feel cheap and sad.

  • shueaddict

    Oh nooo, I bought 2 Legend totes and love them!!! The discreet name print was a big part of the attraction.

  • This logo just makes the bags looks soo tacky :( I hope they reconsider it.

  • Like you said, just the MQ would’ve looked better and also in smaller proportions. Half the bag is the logo!

  • Sparkletastic


  • girlscoutnocookie

    I rather like the legend bags… The best thing I can say about the logo is that it reminds me of Christograms. You know, like IHS or Chi-Ro Alpha Omega ones you see in (Catholic) churches? Maybe that was what they were going for?

  • Tinsley Proust

    I may just have to get over the awful logo because the pattern on #1 is amazing. The 00’s mall goth in me is screaming.

  • Maya

    Love Alexander McQueen but do not like the new logo…at all…

  • ?? ?

    J.W.Anderson made it right while this one……sigh……

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    I wonder if the logo change is perhaps an attempt by Alexander McQueen® and the Kering Group© to better appeal to emerging markets in East Asia and the Middle East? In many parts of Asia, wearing or carrying something that is festooned with skulls and other symbols emblematic of death is seen as being highly transgressive. Maybe the new, dull-as-ditchwater logo is an endeavor to court those people?

  • emily

    I feel like it kind of copies the YSL logo.

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