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  • Sue

    Eew…bowling bags and cosmetic cases…not loving.

    • kevinkim

      def, its a crime against nature to use croc skin for a bag that looks like that.
      and a total waste.

  • Camila

    When I see the carryall, I see the Antigona. Then I think… I prefer the Antigona.

  • Grace

    I was hoping for something really special as 2013 is Prada’s 100th year anniversary (the company was founded in 1913) – perhaps the celebratory stuff is still to come?

  • TheBagFag

    I totally agree with the comments about being underwhelmed. The bags had a distinctly GUESS? Look about them, which I found so frighteningly unflattering, and lacking the “Zing” of PRADA… Usually my favourite brand.

    The lowered handles also did not win any points from me. Sorry, my beloved Miuccia… This is one season whee I just am not going to be convinced.

    Such a shame … I expected so much.

  • Rashida

    I don’t like the handle straps so low. I like the shape of the bags but just plain weird. Like they are trying too hard.

  • alice

    I love Prada but this collection is not the best. These bags are very similar to last season Louis vuitton collection (on the train) and I did not like that one at all too.These bags are unconfortable, heavy, old fashion (but for my grand-grandma not for me). As I said I used to love Prada…

  • Sofie

    I simply love this! The colour, the shape.. I just wonder how high the rice will be.. ?

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