Valentino Navy Camo Boston Bag

“Borrowing from the boys” is an idea referenced often in fashion magazines and blogs, and usually it boils down to buying some sort of fancy, feminized version of a menswear look – a women’s tuxedo, a pair of loafers or brogues, a bag inspired by a traditional briefcase. Because bags don’t have to fit your body or feet, though, borrowing from the boys can be a bit more literal; just go on over to the men’s department and pick up whatever you like. The bags might be a little oversized if you’re very petite, but if you like a roomy bag, they’re great. In fact, for Fall 2013, the Valentino Men’s Bags are particularly great.

As we often mention on Man Bag Monday, men’s designs often differ from the similar women’s offerings from the same brand in two important ways: they’re usually simpler and more functional. Fall holds two great camo options for men from Valentino, navy-black and navy-hunter green, while the women’s side of the brand wants us to invest in neon yellow and pink camo for spring. The collection also has some simple, almost minimalist, solid leather bags, all of which look like they’d but functional, long-lasting everyday options no matter which end of the gender continuum you find yourself on. Below, check out our favorites.

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