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  • shueaddict

    this might actually become my first ever LV purchase … I love Epi, hate the monogram.

    • Silversun

      My thoughts exactly! Can’t believe LV actually did something that’s both in my price range AND that I like.

  • elva

    Are you sure it’s suede? An SA told me that the inside was microsuede and would do well in rain.

    • That was an educated guess based on the photos because Louis Vuitton’s website is such a nightmare and wouldn’t actually let me look it up. If an SA told you that, I’ll update the post.

      • elva

        In the interest of 100% accuracy, the website lists it as microfiber. Don’t know enough about textiles to know what the difference is!

      • The difference is just a difference of term – some companies call it microsuede to make it sound more luxurious.

  • Jade

    I never liked LV bags except the ones in Epi leather. These are just beautiful simple bags.

  • laura

    I love the Neverfull, I own two already and I will definitely buy this one soon but it’s more expensive than what I expected, compared to the other Neverfulls and even other epi leather bags.

    • francescadsch

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  • Dryad

    Okay, so lust is happening. Poverty too.

  • Rashida

    I like it a lot

  • lala

    I’ve been waiting for Neverfull in Epi for a long time. Come to Mama!!! I saw it last week on the LV website and ordered it. LOVE IT

  • andré

    kinda of boring, looks like something you bring to the beach..

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Epi is my favorite LV option however I would buy a Michael Kors Jet Set tote for a fraction of the price and invest $$$$ on another type of bag.

    • elaine

      agree ~ sum ore MK jet set tote can put macbook pro 13inch or 15 inch as well ~~

  • ezgiderin

    It is wonderfull and usefull. And im in love for it’s colours

  • earthtoangel

    I love EPI’s!!! how i wish my neverfull was a green Epi.. but this is already too expensive and not practical in this time of economic struggle :(

  • Veronica Salgado-Rocha


  • Lovely bag :)

  • YVS

    Hello, so LV doesnt make this particular bag in size GM?

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