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Seasonal transitions are among the most difficult things to deal with in fashion. It’s cold in the morning, warm by afternoon and then cold again for happy hour, and who knows what it’s going to be like tomorrow? Do you wear your stuff from last season, or your stuff from next season? Some combination of the two? And what colors and textures won’t make you look like you’re stuck in the recent past or near future? Today, we’re here to answer those questions in handbag form.

There are a lot of effective tactics for picking a bag to last you through a seasonal transition. You can go with mixed neutrals, metallics, mid-tone brights, a mixture of neutrals with a bright accent – the color options are nearly endless, as long as you don’t go too light (except for winter white, which is perfect for transitions), too dark or too neon. As for textures, we’re always partial to leather, but exotics get a special mention, especially python, which lends itself to the kind of color-mixing that’s great for seasonal shifts. Below, check out our picks for the best ways to update your transitional handbag wardrobe without breaking your budget.

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