PB: You’ve found your way over time?

John: Ya, we both have our little niches and we’ve found them. We do what we are good at and we balance each other out.

Richard: I take chances and I am more entrepreneurial. John likes to not get ahead of ourselves.

PB: What is the biggest challenge working together? Do issues in the business translate into private life too?

John: We try really hard to make sure once the day is over, the day is over. I think Richard will say as organized as I am, I do the same with my free time. Like if Richard starts talking to me about something work related I tell him, no, that is going to have to wait until Monday. I just really like to do nothing on the weekends. But, we share an office and that can be challenging. My dream is to have my own office, but it would be hard to have my own office because we need to be together because we design together. That interaction is very important. Maybe we could get a glass wall or something. In your heart of hearts you know this is right and it helps make everything work. Sometimes we work each other’s every nerve, but it works itself out.

PB: What is your favorite look for Fall? And your favorite bag for Fall?

John: It is always so hard to think about my favorite. I am a little confused with where we are at, you know, since we are designing for Fall 2009. I am kind of channeling that sort of dark, 50’s time square. We have a bag called the Rowle, I am carrying now. It is inspired after a football, the inseam, leather and overall look. It is kind of inspired by a gym bag. We are not a one bag kind of person, so it is so hard to pick. I throw so much into that bag, it is soft, relaxed, different; I love that bag. Also, the New Haven in python gray – I made the handles short and am carrying at as tote. My look is the skinny leg pant, gray, flannel, black, white, I don’t really go into a lot of color. I love textures, gray alligator belts. I think guys need at least one belt. When I find something that makes me look good, I’ll buy multiples. That is how I shop. I really shop when I travel – not when I am here working in New York. And when I find something I like, I buy multiples and I keep the for years. I also love wallets – that is where I do my color.

PB: What are you really tired of? It doesn’t have to be fashion, but just in general.

John and Richard: Reality television and perhaps celebrity endorsements. You’ve got so many celebrities who have gone and designed their own lines.

John: But, this really isn’t much different than us starting our own line, you know? Someone like P. Diddy is really dedicated to the process. There are celebrities out there that have created a brand that they are dedicated to and believe in – they have a voice, they have a say. But getting back to your question, I am tired of working too hard…hah!

PB: Ok, on the flip side, what are you really in love with right now?

John: I am really in love with some people’s enthusiasm – in general. You know, someone who has really positive energy. People stepping up and trying to do something different, positivity, great outlook on life, laughter, being able to laugh at yourself. I love when people can sit back look at themselves and just laugh. I love being around that, not people that complain.

Richard: I love Mad Men. It is my favorite thing. I think it is brilliantly acted, written. It is a period of time I grew up in and it is really interesting to see. It’s like a docudrama.

John: It has the kind of drama that is when women were women and men were men. There is this sense of elegance.

Richard: It is loosely based on Eric Stevensen ad agency. It is very interesting to watch. You watch it and almost think you are watching a period movie; I mean even down to secretaries still covering their type-writers at night.


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  • Teri

    I really love LT bags; I think they are elegant, fashionable and well-made! Thank you so much for this interview.

  • Of course Teri!! They are such an amazing brand, and amazing people behind the brand!

  • Laurie

    I want to see your new bags! Is Vlad going to have to start his own showcase thread?

  • Claire

    i’m not a big fan of LT bags.. i find them quite boring, nothing eye catching or particularly interesting….. i’ll stick to hermes.

  • Jamie

    I adore LT bags. They are not boring but timeless. Thank you for this!!!

  • gail

    Megs, please share your bag purchase!

  • mdm

    The best Lambertson Truex bag is the “Kansas”. I wish they would make this bag with a pebbled leather that does not scratch as easily as the box leather

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