When Abbe Held and her mother Bonnie had trouble finding handbags that they adored, they decided to start their own line. What started as a fun project, quickly turned into a budding business for the pair. Bonnie, whose maiden name is Kooba, and Abbe were always accessory addicts who were able to fill the void that they felt missing in the handbag world by creating their own. And from that, Kooba was born in 1998 and was quickly picked up by Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. Ten years later the company has flourished into one of the most well-known handbag lines out there, with a huge following. Kooba’s line infuses a dramatic yet playful feel that introduces classic shapes, bold colors, and an overall product that will outlast trends and complement any outfit in a wardrobe.

Last week Vlad and I had the chance to meet with Abbe, the gorgeous mother of two. We previously introduced her on Purse Blog Savvy, but this was a full interview that we were truly looking forward to for months. As much as we were anxiously awaiting interviewing Abbe and hearing more from the creative director of Kooba, Abbe was equally as intrigued by our site and how it got started. The first feeling when meeting Abbe was as if she were a long time friend, a down to earth gal who cares about others and truly finds the joy that is to be had in life. We spoke to her about working with her mother and best friend and found countless similarities in her core trio compared to ours. Being able to finally meet a designer whose bags were one of the first brands that I began to love when delving into the handbag world was a real treat. And what we did not tell Abbe is that her Kooba Sienna holds a special place in our hearts, as my sister’s very first designer bag! We had a great time meeting with Abbe and look forward to working with her more in the future. Enjoy the interview!

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