Kooba CarlaHappy Monday everyone! Waking up to this scorching day has been anything but fun. I was contemplating taking a cab rather than the Subway because I thought I might have a heat stroke down there – but at 8:30am, it was ok. This afternoon will be a different story, with temperatures reaching into the 100s!! For a hot day like today, you need to pull off a cool look. This model has it all right. Sporting Ella Moss Madison shorts (which I have, yay!), a Hanky Panky Signature Lace Lined Cami, and topping it off with a white Kooba Carla Bag, this look goes down in my book as perfect for a dauntingly hot summer day. The Kooba Carla has never made it on the top of my favorite list, but recently I have seen it around and it has grown on me quite a bit. This white leather handbag shows off braided banding and metal eyelet detail on the top along with a knot and tassel detail on the front. Connecting the bag with the braided handle are large metal buckles. Finishing off the bag is a magnetic snap closure and two interior pockets. Buy this bag via Shop Bop for a sale price of $325 (also you can find the rest of the look there).

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  • Naggy

    It looks nice with that outfit but the bag alone is boring. (ipad)

  • Leeja

    Just got this in brown.. Everyone I know wants it … Have to lock it away lol

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