Dolce & Gabanna Miss Dalia HoboI’ve had mostly positive things to say about Dolce & Gabanna bags lately, but I just can’t get behind the Dolce & Gabanna Miss Dalia Hobo. My problems with it are similar to those of a bag of which we’ve spoken recently – the Jimmy Choo Metallic Hobo.

They obviously look nothing alike, but I can’t help but feel that this bag might be an afterthought as well. At they very least, it’s perilously under-designed and without much personality. There’s a bit of animal print, a bit of exotic leather, a bunch of suede…so how, exactly, did the folks at Dolce manage to make that boring? And not just boring, but also, possibly, a bit 90s. Particularly for it’s hefty price tag (almost two grand – egad!), this bag just isn’t cutting it. It’s too simple and lacks creativity. Next. Buy through Saks for $1995.

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  • Christie C.

    I agree-the lines just don’t add up to pectacular…it looks almost cheesy, if that makes any sense.

  • chirpy_gal

    Looks practical for daily use !

  • Jonathan

    Oh, yeah, Practical! Isn’t that what suburban people use for UGLY!

    The use of leopard as an accent mixed with exotic skin reminds me of a very good seller from Louis Vuitton in the fall 07. They had a group with the same print on poney and burgundy croc on the handles. D&G basically tooked the idea, Cheapened it out by reducing the amount of print replacing it by “Oh-soo-Easy-to-sell” BLACK downgrading from Croc to Python and made it into a very easy and confortable (other word used in Suburbia for UGLY) hobo, sprinkled it with gold and put a great big logo on it!

    That’s what they do the best…

  • Piper

    Honestly seeing bags like this makes me so mad!! I feel that these fashion houses deserve to be bankrupted (regardless of the current economic situation) if this is the kind of products their “creative” minds churn out.

    Lazy, lazy, lazy!!

  • me

    Yikes. That looks like the designer was actually trying to make it ugly. It’s worse than the knock-offs you can buy at Wal-Mart or JCPenny.

  • urooj

    I def think its thw shape that makes it so boring and nineties ish. These days the structure of the bag plays a much bigger role than just the textures

  • Shatzie

    Their handbag is not one of their better designs. Sort of flat looking and rather boring. Is certainly not up to the usual standards.

  • dacs

    I agree, the bag lacks personality. I’m not convinced. Sometimes I think designers intentionally up the price tag to give the bag a sense of value for its lack of conceptual value or what have you.

    I wish people had more sympathy for designers. It must be really hard to conjure up brilliant bags EVERY season. I think they’re allowed to have a few dry spells. Most of them redeem themselves eventually.

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