Hermes Bicolor Kelly Bag with Feet

You’ll never find weirder, more wonderful designer handbags than you will at a luxury handbag auction. Auction houses source their finds from high-spenders, some of whom are lifetime collectors that have earned special-order privileges with their favorite brands after years of purchasing the bags most of us can only dream about. In the Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Signature Auction, you’ll find some of those special pieces, plus popular handbags at great prices and a few items that’ll make you wonder who thought of them in the first place.

Among those items is an Hermes Kelly that Heritage is billing as the rarest in the world: a one-of-a-kind special-order piece that features five bright red crocodile feet to match its red crocodile trim. Why five and not four? Who knows. The rich aren’t like the rest of us. If they want five, they get five, even if the topic at hand is stumpy little legs atop which their Hermes bags shall sit for all eternity. I’ve been looking at this bag for a couple days now, and I still feel like I might be hallucinating it.

The auction holds some more mainstream options as well, like neutral leather Birkins and hard-to-find stingray Chanel Boy Bags, in addition to a tribute to Marc Jacobs’ handbag legacy at the helm of Louis Vuitton. Many of those bags, especially the ones that aren’t tried-and-true collectors’ items, will be a pretty good deal at Heritage’s auction, which runs December 10 and 11 in Dallas, Texas. If you’re not in Dallas, fret not – online bidding opens today. For more information on some of the most notable bags available, check out our selections below or peruse the catalog via Heritage.

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  • kindled

    ahahahaha that five legged birkin is the funniest purse.

    • Ummmm

      Don’t you mean Kelly?

  • LALA


    • sara

      It actually makes me feel a little nauseous. This is SO wrong.

  • Faiza H

    Now i can say; I know what a five legged Birkin looks like.

    • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

      KELLY not Birkin, they’re not the same bag

  • Guest

    What? and Why?

  • pretty99

    it’s from Petit H collection, it’s not a custom made bag!

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    I’m not a big Birkin fan, but I must say, that chocolate one with gold hardware is a stunner.

  • cremebrulee

    I went to look at the auction listing and four of the legs are triangular and one is square…and it’s not even the middle one that is the odd one out!

  • Jessie

    Serious?! That Kelly bag is hideous and brings back the saying “just because your rich doesn’t mean you have taste….or can buy taste.”

  • FashionableLena

    That chocolate Birkin is gorgeous. That five legged Kelly is just odd.


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