D and G winter wardrobe

Is this a winter wonderland must or a winter wonderland bust? This blond haired babe is decked in D&G snow white from head to toe. Do you dig the D&G Dolce & Gabbana Winter Outfit?

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  • Lea.D.

    I can’t imagine it would be super warm like a “winter” oufit, but I still think it’s cute! too much white for me personally to wear it, but the blonde pulls it off!! good find Megs.

  • LadyLN

    I love it. So very cute! But i’d throw in another vibrant color to mix it up and throw on some false lashes. Yayy

  • Heavensent

    Supa cute

  • anonymous

    I think its supposed to be Mariah Carey

  • FasionAngel

    this is ah-dorbale!!

  • fashion in the making

    I like to judge fashion that’s what I like to do, in my taste I think that u can go to your hobby store buy chicken feathers and glue them to your boots and bags nothing to it. I did that when I was in first grade.

  • hutch0830

    It’s not very practical but it’s so cute!!

  • i dont normally like this kind of fashion because most of it is very tacky. but this.. i LOVE i would actually wear it! im not sure about the boots tho:/ and the skirt is abit short for winter! and the bag looks amazing!:]

  • Sweety

    does anyone know the name of this model???

  • Sheker

    Very nice! The color is great. I loved the bag

  • lisa noreton

    i love the new winter stil and bags..
    Im a LEZ
    and the outfit makes me horny and i wont to lick ur fanny

    xx :razz: :lol: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • lisa norten

    sorry about thos comments … had a mad moment .. lol

    Oh yeah and like that other comment up there .. i wud also like to know the name of her because i think she might be the cause of this white puss coming out my fanny !

    If you cud me let know that wud be great ;]


  • Sanne

    D&G is vet cool

    bye en de groeten van mij!!!

  • Leno4ka

    oboshaju D and Gabbbana!!!!!!!!!!:D:G

  • sayma

    :grin: :cool: nice

  • sayma

    :oops: hu sed ther a lez????

  • Gothicka

    Yeah but how much does it cost?? :roll:

  • briittneay

    i think that is a smxc cute outfit but in winter that might be a bit cold but all that matters is that it is smxc

  • kim < 33 /

    i love it
    :oops: :oops:

  • Naomii-x

    :shock: ii love iit :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • Love in life

    Creative very much liked the warm colors and attractive

    Also integrating Baroque Bulbsath

    Art already

  • polgirl

    The bag is amazing, the same with scarf – all outstanding but not necessairly practical;)

  • ani


  • ani

    klass :*

  • jarrod scott

    love the boots nig

  • ryan aspinall

    hey baby jarrod i love the shoes to… .this weekend wanna go to that awsome club down the road only for men so dont bring trinity lol hehe

  • fred

    Links of London Charms launchs a new range of jewellery

  • Naggy

    It’s gorgeous head to toe. (ipad)

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