derek lam candida toteAnother darling bag from Derek Lam, another one to coo over and long for;sigh; This Derek Lam Candida tote with zipper bottom is just too much! I love the contrast of leathers, and I love both colors. The brown and beige are very neutral, but together they have a sweet kick, especially with the prominent copper zipper separating the bottom compartment. The shape is adorable – plump and stout with little ears folded down on either side where the top zipper extends. I imagine this bag is pretty roomy as well, with the breadth of the main compartment compounded with the separate bottom. And then we have the handles – the handles really cinch this bag for me. They’ve got lots of flavor with the knots and the looped detailing where the handles are attached. The luggage tag is also a loveable touch. Like I said, I want it. Color me with envy by buying yours for $2,150 at eluxury.

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  • Naggy

    The lighter part of the bag looks so smooth. (ipad)

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