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Yep, you know me, I can’t keep a secret. And even beyond that, you might remember when we polled you all about exclusive handbags Adriana Castro would be designing for a huge giveaway! We are partnering with our friends at Luxholics again to co-host an unbelievable Adriana Castro giveaway!!! While I am not going to share all the details now, stay tuned… so much more to come in the next couple days!

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  • Ally


  • HealThoid

    Interesting… But what sign on novelties of the news?

  • FlBagaholic

    I am ready to participate….and accept the winning entry! Thank you ladies! Love that bag!!

  • LDJ

    I am ready but…………….When am I going to win a bag????????? :)

  • bonnie

    I looooove bags

  • Annette

    I would love to win a purse :-) Anyone will do ………… hehehehe

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