Hannukah Gifts

No matter how you spell it – Chanukah, Hanukka or Hanuka – the holiday is fast approaching. I was raised in a Jewish home where we definitely did not celebrate Christmas, and my parents consoled me with the concept that we got eight days of presents and I resigned myself to a lack of Christmas tree. As an adult, I no longer see a full 8 days of presents (boo!), but my family does still engage in some serious holiday gifting. Sometimes gift-giving for Hanukkah can be a little tricky. You want to honor the holiday, but not overdo it. Not too worry, I’ve narrowed down the vast interwebs to nine items that would be perfect for your Hanukkah-celebrating friends and family.

Areawear Cast Iron Menorah
$100 via Barneys New York

What would a Hanukkah Gift Guide be without a Menorah?! Not a Hanukkah Gift Guide at all, I say. Steer clear of cheesy menorahs and gift this sick cast iron designer menorah. Bonus – it’s only $100 and it will look so luxe in the big Barneys box this piece is sure to come in.

Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff
$395 via Tiffany & Co.

The robins egg blue box was ubiquitous at every Bat Mitzvah I attended – and still makes a fantastic gift.

Michael Kors ‘Gia’ Studded Leather Clutch
$795 via Nordstrom

Love that this clutch is a nod to the colors of traditional Hanukkah decor, but it’s so wearable and on trend. PS: There’s an optional shoulder strap.

Tom Ford BG Exclusive 16 Color Nail Set
$480 via Bergdorf Goodman

What girl wouldn’t love a nail polish wardrobe? Particularly one as luxe as this Tom Ford set. Tom Ford nail polish is particularly shiny and the colors are so saturated.

Jonathan Adler Dreidel Ornament
$24 via Bloomingdales

If you are from an interfaith home or if you are super awesome and have a Hanukkah Bush to decorate, this ornament is for you!

Rebecca Minkoff Beauty Queen Cosmetics Pouch
$75 via Shopbop

The gold color of this pouch is reminiscent of Gelt (the chocolate coins used during Dreidel games). OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but go with me on this. It’s still a totally cute gift that any girl would appreciate regardless of what holiday they are celebrating this season.

Hanukkah Gelt
$12.95 via Crate & Barrel

Speaking of Gelt, this felt pouch filled with chocolates is so cute. Buy a few and share the nostalgia of these milk chocolates. The pouch can be re-used next year!

Diptyque Ceramic Baies Scented Candle
$275 via Neiman Marcus

OK, this kind of has nothing to do with Hanukkah (I suppose we could make a candle reference here) but this massive Diptyque candle is amazing and smells so French. Plus it’s large enough to count as a piece of home decor. I really want one. (Hint, hint fiancèe…)

Bloomingdale’s Gift Card
Various denominations via Bloomingdale’s.

If you are looking for someone particularly hard to shop for, gift cards are always a winner. I love the cute Hanukkah theme offered by Bloomingdale’s. Let them choose their own gift!


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