mothers day handbag cake

A very Happy Mother’s Day from the Purse Blog to all of the mom’s out there! Today is your day to relax, and have the kids and hubby treat you well. A little foot massage from the Hubby, breakfast in bed from the kiddos, and some gifts from the heart, are what all moms need and deserve! Here’s to you Mom’s, for being so amazing!!! And to my mom, hope you enjoy your new bag and have a great day!!! Love you!

I think we should all share of piece of Mother’s Day Handbag Cake, which delights your taste buds in imported Belgian chocolate and triple mocha cheese cake on shortbread crust on the inside. Remember, on Mother’s Day, calories don’t count! :wink:

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  • cosmofunshop

    Awesome chic purse cake …. yummmm…
    Happy Mother’s day to you too and purseblog cummnity :)

    Thank you Meg…

  • 3degree

    :arrow: such a nice cake. looks soo yummy. i wana get my mum one of this

  • Naggy

    I don’t like the design, but I would taste it. (ipad)

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