Fendi Fur Bags for Fall 2013 (17)

Of all of the fraught issues in fashion (and believe me, there are plenty), fur is probably one of the most fraught. It has both ardent defenders and detractors, but mostly, luxury consumers are somewhere in the middle, just like yours truly – aware of the ethical issues with wearing fur, and not necessarily a fur customer, but also not constitutionally opposed to someday becoming a fur customer, were the right piece to cross our paths. For Fendi Fall 2013, it seems as though Karl Lagerfeld’s entire goal was to tempt those of us in the murky middle.

As much as Lagerfeld is revered and admired for his work at Chanel, his Fendi collections always delight me in a way that few others do. This season, he’s taken fur in the modern, technical direction that the brand has been going for several seasons now, to great effect. The best bags (many of which are in the resurgent Peekaboo shape) are in short-shorn furs not much fluffier than calf hair that adds an enormous amount of texture without overwhelming the bag’s structure, which is a problem with so many purses when re-imagined in fur. That Fendi 2Jours Tote you see above? That’s the bag that could make me switch teams. If you’re not ready for full fur, the collection was also full of fuzzy baubles, bag charms and doodads for the accent-inclined.

[Photos via Vogue]

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  • Sandra

    On the runway I think the fur is fabulous….so interesting. In reality I do not think any designer, although they keep trying, is going to convince the masses to spend good money on a bag made of fur. I have a 2jours and I love it….but I would not purchase the fur version.

  • bir

    oooo my lets talk 1970s pimp…… that said i like that they push and shock risk is a much needed element .

  • SK

    The fur doesn’t do much for me. But that crocodile looks AMAZING.

  • nafnaf

    the charms look like characters in the Angry Birds app! hahaha

    • http://twitter.com/yuecnowulloveme roberto miranda

      they are actually meant to be owls if I’m not wrong, silvia said it

  • Rashida

    I don’t like fur bags. And the charms. Nothing to rave about

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