Normally I have a good amount of vitriol for fur bags. Not because I have lots of political opposition to them (although I don’t wear fur), but usually just because they’re pretty ugly. Puffy, shapeless and vulgar are normally words I would use to describe them.

But, for some reason, I’m having trouble coming up with my normal level of self-righteous rage over the Marni Alpaca Tote. It’s not that I like it, because I don’t think I do, but could it be that it’s just not quite as bad as the average fur bag, while still being substantially worse than the average non-fur bag?

Marni Alpaca Tote

I think that maybe my low-level of disdain for this bag is because not only does the fur have some interesting texture variation to it, but the bag actually appears to have a bit of a shape. Instead of being a uniformly colored and textured puffball, it actually looks rather bag-like. Which isn’t high praise under normal circumstances, but it probably puts it at the top of the fur bag rankings.

And maybe it’s because Marni is a brand that has a very quirky, nontraditional style to it that I don’t hate that they made a fur bag. I’m not sure. I still wouldn’t wear it, but I could imagine someone pulling it off reasonably well in a very cold climate. I’ve seen worse, that’s for sure. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2440.

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  • Cristina Wheeler

    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you. WHat do you think of exotic fish skins used for high-end bags?


  • RP Jones

    super sexy

  • savannah

    i like this bag, because most people just shear alpaca so they are not harmed. I think its a great alternative to using fur!!!

  • Jess

    ugh, i got the chance to hold this bag in Marni, and its absolutely horrible!
    the alpaca felt rough and nappy, ugh the worst bag ive seen and held in a long time.

  • Aykayem

    ugh … it looks like … a Merkin!

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