Fendi Buggies at NetAPorter

Fendi hit big with its 2Jours totes, and the brand has put a playful spin on the seriously popular design with a line of monster-inspired bags and accessories. By now you’ve seen the bag monsters floating around the Internet (and maybe even on the bags of your friends), but Fendi has released an entire line of monstrous items. Some are more wearable, like chic blue pumps and a grey 2Jours, and some are more playful, like a bag embellished to look like an owl or a furry monster charm. Either way, there is an adorable video Net-A-Porter released featuring these items, several of which are Net-a-Porter exclusives. Watch the video and browse our gallery of the Fendi Bag Bugs you’ll only find at Net-a-Porter!

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  • http://justj.ca/ MizzJ

    The yellow one reminds me more of an angry pikachu without ears than whatever it’s supposed to be

  • ECoop

    I love the monster bags. They are whimsical and pretty. I wish the price point was a little less though. I could totally carry the yellow bag!

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