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  • Bella

    This is a very similar style to Celine. They had a black and brown calf hair travel bag.

    • I think we’re in for a lot of Celine-reminiscent bags from a whole variety of designers over the next season or two. *cough*Saint Laurent*cough*

  • Katherine Callaghan

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! But I’m really loving the Victoria Beckham and Tory Burch collections! Hope you guys enjoyed Fashion Week! =]

  • Leah

    I’m surprised to admit how much I like the Tory Burch designs.

  • Sandra

    I think that this may be a first but I really love the Michael Kors bag….also the Philip Lim….

  • Anne

    Actually lovely to see that bags as the top 20. And not an Hermes amongst them.

    • bryologue

      Because this is for NYFW. But once we get to PFW, we’ll definitely see Hermès here. :)

  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    Loved the Victoria Beckham and the small printed bags!

  • Stella

    this is ugly

  • Stella

    OOOh yess the old rug it reminds me of my grandmother!

  • Stella

    Yesss! He is strating to get it right! like his watches.

  • Stella

    Perfect! I want this one!

  • Stella

    Leave the Crocs alone , but it’s gorgeous in anything even grany’s rug

  • Stella

    hate clutches I need my hands always, but the collor is beautifull.

  • urbankitty

    3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Bag will definitely be my next Lim purchase! It totally stood out among all the other bags at NYFW.

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