I had a close encounter of the VBH kind over the weekend. I was shopping with some friends at the Woodbury Common outlets north of New York City (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, by the way), and at the Last Call Neiman Marcus store, I found the little corner of the handbag section where they were hiding the stuff you’d actually want to buy: Jason Wu, Marni, and most excitingly of all, VBH. There was only one VBH bag, but even in that less-than-glamourous setting, it was the clear winner of the whole group. I somehow managed to stop myself from buying it, but obviously I’m still thinking about it quite fondly several days later.

Thankfully, our friends at Moda Operandi have conspired to distract me from my reverse buyer’s remorse, and naturally, the only answer is more VBH. From now through October 28, you can preview (and most importantly, pre-order) VBH Spring 2013, which includes lots of exotics and beautiful colors in classic VBH shapes like the Brera satchel and Manila envelope clutch. Check out the full assortment below or shop the pre-sale via Moda Operandi. (more…)

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of the Victoria Beckham Soft Victoria Leather and Watersnake Tote for almost five full months now. The bag first caught my eye when Beckham released the Fall 2012 lookbook way back in the spring, and it struck me then that perhaps the brand had found its handbag stride. It still feels that way.

The object of my affection is now available for further inspection, and I’m excited to say that I love it just as much now as I did then. Not only that, but the price is significantly less than I expected it to be for a Victoria Beckham bag, where full leather bags of a similar size often retail about $3,000. Care to take a guess before you take the jump? (more…)

And in order to own the above alligator version, I’d probably have to do that literally – rent payments would have to go toward a bag mortgage of some kind. (Feel free to make up your own joke about how New York City apartments are tiny anyway and insert it here.) The Reed Krakoff Alligator Uniform XL Satchel might be worth it, though, particularly if I can get an air conditioner installed in there. It’s certainly more stylish and luxurious than my current walk-up building, if perhaps less functional. Unfortunately, this bag rings up at a whopping $34,000. Plus tax, without air conditioning. (more…)

Full disclosure folks, this bag is not cheap, like, at all. I’ll get into the specifics on the price later, but now that I’ve been up front, I feel as though I can talk about this beautiful bag without the guilt. After getting over the immense sticker shock that the price tag gave me, I actually found myself in awe over the Valextra Alligator Isis Clutch. (more…)

Summer is the season of travel and it looks like luxury house Salvatore Ferragamo knows how to design for its elite clientele. Ferragamo Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti designed a variety of exotic cases for Pre-Fall 2012 with the fashionable jet setter in mind. He said his inspiration came from Italian royals traveling throughout Europe. If you always dreamed of being a real-life princess and it never happened (join the club), you can still feel like one by carrying the Salvatore Ferragamo Exotic Beauty Case which are fit for royalty. (more…)

Even though, in any particular season, Nancy Gonzalez’s bags range from clean and simple to incredibly intricate, one binding theme always remains: exotic skins, most notably crocodile, produced by the brand’s farms in Gonzalez’s native Colombia. The bags are also produced in Colombia, and the centralization of the brand’s operations allows Gonzalez to price her bags more reasonably than other brands tend to price similar materials. (If a $3000 handbag can ever be referred to as “reasonable,” that is, which is a debate unto itself. It’s relative, ok?)

In that tradition, Nancy Gonzalez Resort 2013 goes for a little bit of everything at once, including kitschy fruit charms, candy-colored ostrich, polka dots and austere black-and-white. The bags are all finished in Gonzalez’s signature exotics, of course, and the collection can be pre-ordered via Moda Operandi through tomorrow, July 25. Check out the collection after the jump! (more…)

I’m going to level with you guys: it’s a slow news day. We’ve reached that mid point of July, which means that it feels as though we’re as far into summer as humanly possible, but still with no light at the end of the heat-and-humidity tunnel. As much as I love the season, my sandals and maxi dresses are starting to feel a bit boring. Fall collections are starting to trickle in to stores, but as far as new things on the horizon, the September start of New York Fashion Week seems years away. It’ll get here before we know it, of course, but until then…I’m not sure what. The fashion Internet is a vast wasteland.

During these periods, what do I go looking for? Eye candy, specifically of the exotic, wildly expensive variety. Proenza Schouler isn’t the first brand that I think of when looking for those kinds of things, but I noticed recently that the brand has stepped up its exotic game something fierce in the past year. Proenza also opened its Madison Avenue boutique on Friday, the brand’s first stand-alone store, so an exploration of the brand’s most distinctive bags seems appropriate, right? Check out our favorites after the jump or shop the brand’s full selection via ProenzaSchouler.com. (more…)

We first told you about The Row’s crazy patchwork fur backpack way back in December, but now we have a price to put to the bag: $16,900. Rachel Zoe’s email newsletter The Zoe Report recently sent out an endorsement of this bag, revealing the exorbitant price, and frankly I’m surprised it’s not a little bit higher. (more…)

For some reason, the last day of the work week is always the hardest for me. The things that I’m tasked with completing seem larger, take longer and don’t go as smoothly as they would on, say, a Tuesday. The looming specter of the weekend and freedom makes everything more complicated and time-consuming. And that’s coming from someone who loves her job; I can’t imagine how long Fridays must seem to people who don’t enjoy their occupations as much as I do.

If you’re one of those people who anticipates having a rough trip from here to the weekend, the best I can offer you this morning is a bit of eye candy by way of Barneys: The Lanvin JL Small Python Bowling Bag. I don’t like brown bags or most bags made out of python, and still, I’m utterly smitten. If you’re more inclined to one or both of those looks, I bet you’re positively drooling. (more…)

Last week, we took a look at some of the best casual messenger bags at accessible price points – the kind of options that most of the men we know and love might not only consider carrying, but would also consider plunking down a couple hundred bucks to own, even if they don’t generally consider themselves to be someone who’s fashion-conscious or concerned with how they dress on a daily basis. Indeed, we only scratched the surface; there are dozens upon dozens of brands out there making bags for those dudes, and many of them do it quite well.

What about the men on the other end of the spectrum, though? The men who wear $4000 Zegna wool crepe suits and fly on private jets and generally consider themselves Masters of the Universe? That group might have fewer members, but their collective spending power means that just as many menswear designers are catering to them in exceedingly luxurious fashion. If one of those men was in the mood to buy himself a bag online, what might he choose? I’ve got six of the most jaw-droppingly expensive options after the jump. (more…)

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