Prada’s handbags tend to be overwhelmingly staid; the brand has positioned itself, season after season, as the source for work-appropriate power bags for women with corner offices (or corner office aspirations), and although Miuccia allows for an artistic departure here and there, whimsy is usually not her stock in trade. With that in mind, I have no explanation for the Prada Mink Fur Cat Pochette. (more…)

I’ll let my bias be known up front: I’m a huge Edie Parker fan, and if I were to need a crazy-fancy clutch in my life, it would unquestionably be one of designer Brett Heyman’s that I’d march right out and buy. They’re evening bags with any of the antiquated fuss that the term usually implies, and for Resort 2015, the collection is getting even prettier with new shapes and finishes, all of which are currently available for pre-order at Moda Operandi.

Edie Parker has always incorporated marbling into its acrylic clutches, but for resort, that treatment is taken to its logical extreme in a finish that the brand calls “tie dye.” The color variations are large and beautiful, with the blue version ranging wildly from white to dark purple, with tones in between including navy, pink and turquoise. And that’s just one bag!

Check out some of our favorites from the collection below or shop the full pre-order selection via Moda Operandi through June 30.

Although the most notorious outfit at last night’s 2014 CFDA Awards didn’t include a clutch (if you’ve seen photo’s of Rihanna’s dress from last night, you know it didn’t include much), we found plenty of attendees who carried beautiful little clutches and evening bags from both their designer dates and other brands. Below, check out a selection of the best. (more…)

New York got its first real taste of spring weather over the weekend, and while the city basket in warmth, you could almost hear the rustle of tulle liberated from closets and the clack of pearls pulled out of jewelry boxes. Wedding season: it’s here.

Weddings bring up a whole host of dressing quandaries for everyone from brides to plus-ones, and although we can’t solve all of them for you, we can tell you what you should be carrying alongside your gown, bridesmaid frock or sundress. From the sweetly traditional to the aggressively literal, check out the year’s best wedding bags below.

When it comes to handbags at the Oscars, stars usually play it safe; the stage is huge, and in general, none of them want to take a risk that lands them in a spot to be ridiculed. The handbag choices at the 2014 Academy Awards followed in that line of thought, but there were a few pieces here and there (in addition to a lot of traditional prettiness) that made our evening bag spidey senses tingle.

The biggest winner of the evening, besides Lupita Nyong’o, might have been New York-based evening bag upstart Rauwolf, which saw its bold, modern bags find their way into the hands of everyone from Anna Kendrick to Bette Midler. Below, check out all the handbags we could find on the red carpet (as well as a few from the Vanity Fair after-party).

I totally, unrepentantly love Edie Parker clutches. It’s important that you know that going forward, because if you’ve generally felt the same way in the past, you’re about to fall head over heels for the Edie Parker Fall 2014 collection that’s currently up for pre-order at Moda Operandi. The clutches are sparkling, retro-modern confections that have a sense of fun and girlishness without falling into juvenile territory, and I want every last one of them.

The collection includes a new set of multicolor inlay designs, including several clutches that are faceted to look like gemstones and additional takes on the brand’s uber-successful deco looks. The MO pre-order also features several of the brand’s nameplate clutches, which have achieved cult status among fashion industry folks and bag-conscious celebs alike. For Fall 2014, the brand has added a stark new font option for those among us who may not feel as though script suits them. Check out the new bags below and shop the pre-order at Moda Operandi through February 23.

The Grammys are always pretty weird, and the 2014 Grammy Awards followed proudly in that tradition. (Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons as a backing band? Sure, why not?) Along with everything else, the stars’ (the ones who bothered to show up and walk the carpet, anyway) handbag choices weren’t exactly in line with what we’ve seen at previous awards shows this season. For instance, there wasn’t a speck of Edie Parker’s signature acrylic to be found, despite the fact that the company’s clutches are a huge star favorite lately.

The one place the Grammys did fall in line was in its’ stars embrace of New York-based Rauwolf and its slick, chunky evening bags, which accented the outfits of many of the best dressed stars. Everyone else? Well, check out the ups and downs of the notoriously batty Grammys red carpet below.

Awards season always puts clutches on our mind, and when it comes to selecting a little evening bag, we always have the same problem: wedging a phone into a box clutch in a way that also accommodates our keys, wallet and lipstick. Getting my phone in there at all is difficult, especially when it has a case on it (naked iPhones make me nervous), but accessing it throughout the evening without upsetting the delicate balance of my bag’s contents is well nigh impossible. The Kotur #Getsmartbag Elaphe Minaudiere has come up with at least one way to solve that problem: clip the phone to the outside of the bag. Ok then.

At first I was nervous that this placement would encourage screen-scratching, but let’s face it: my phone is out all the time, colliding with tabletops and bars and the edges of dinner plates and all kinds of other things, not to mention the contents of my bag that it has to contend with on the regular. Especially when flipped around, this doesn’t seem any riskier, and checking Twitter or answering a text would be pretty easy. For photos, the case part of the bag flips away from the body (it’s generally secured with a magnet), allowing you to expose the lens. I’ve thought through it a couple of times, and I haven’t been able to ascertain any obvious design flaws, which is fairly impressive when you consider that the designers were trying to find a way to solve a persistent handbag functionality problem that few others have tackled.

The most noticeable limitation, of course, is that the bag will only fit an iPhone 5, 5C or 5S, but if you’re in the market for an expensive clutch, then you’re probably more likely than average to have the most updated version of the world’s most fashionable phone. Android users are out of luck, but y’all are probably used to that feeling, right? (I say that in commiseration as a former Android user. Back in my day, we didn’t even have Instagram.) Buy through Net-a-Porter for $400.

Kotur Getsmartphone Clutch Rear Kotur Getsmartphone Clutch Front

We still have the Grammys and Academy Awards to go, but we’re prepared to declare an early winner: at Saturday night’s Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn stole our handbag-loving heart for the entire awards season with her personalized Edie Parker Breaking Bad Personalized Box Clutch.

Gunn, who was nominated for a SAG for her role in the show, scored the one-of-a-kind evening bag because her mutual fandom with Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman, according to an interview Heyman gave to The Hollywood Reporter. She loves Breaking Bad and Gunn has been supportive of Edie Parker, including carrying one of the brand’s clutches to the recent Golden Globes, so Heyman made the bag, inlaid with the show’s logo, to commemorate Gunn’s SAG nomination at the conclusion of the series’ run.

In the past, Edie Parker has created clutches personalized with a name or monogram for celebrity fans and customers alike, but this is the first 100% custom piece that the brand has done for a major red carpet. Edie Parker’s inlaid acrylic construction gives the brand huge flexibility for customization, so let’s hope that this is just the first of many customized red carpet delights to come. It sure beats carrying whatever little inoffensive silk clutch your stylist has laying around.

Us civilians can shop Edie Parker via Neiman Marcus.

The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show. Not only does the convivial atmosphere make for memorable moments (Emma Thompson taking the stage with Louboutin heels and maritini in hand, anyone?), but because the Globes are ever-so-slightly less formal than the Academy Awards, attendees are a little more daring with both their dresses and, of course, their evening bags. We’ve scoured Sunday night’s red carpet photos, and you can check out all the best evening bag choices below. (more…)

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