Best Baby Bags
  • shueaddict

    My only son will soon turn 10 and the sight of diaper bags still makes me gag. If I am lucky enought to have another child (little girl, please, God) I shall show no mercy to my collection of designer bags .

  • laura

    IMO, these are too expensive and they don’t even look stylish. I’ve never liked diaper bags, not even designer ones. I’m pregnant with my first child and plan to use my Neverfull as a diaper bag.

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I know a lot of people do that, it def might be the best option

    • tex

      I used the Gucci diaper bag and it was such a great bag. I could stick the bottle on the side pockets and antibacterial gel on the other side pocket. The back exterior pocket had the changing pad so I was not grossed out by having the pad inside my bag with all the snacks and toys. The lining is water proof (except at the seams) so I could wipe up any mess easily. I really like that bag. I also used the Neverfull as a diaper bag but I found the organization on the Gucci diaper bag much better.


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  • cutebabybuy

    Thanks for sharing :)


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