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  • Nicolas D.

    Great bags! The new Coach collection is amazing! (I’m French and generally preferring French bags but the new Coach bags are superb).

  • Regina George

    Loving the new Coach, feels classy and fresh. Much better than the ol’ logo spattered tacky bags of past/

    • These bags are some of my favorite on the market as a whole now!

    • Totally! My friends who have long been “over” Coach still refuse to embrace the facelift, but I appreciate it. It’s about time Coach stepped up their game and caught up; I really like the new look.

  • I’m not a Coachie at all and I love these… The minimalism is so refreshing and elegant!

  • seres

    NY’s graffiti is amazing – the spectral skeleton steals the show!

    • It was probably our favorite as well, really just came to life right off the wall!

  • I love that large light blue clutch! This collection is definitely showing that Coach is catching up and going a bit more modern

  • Gee, what a tease! And I’d have to buy two pairs of those leather shoes for all my feets……

  • Bravo Vlad! These photos are amazing! The girl is gorgeous, the bags are gorgeous, the street art is so cool. I’m looking forward to more features like this.

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thanks much, we had a lot of fun shooting last Thursday!

  • pixiegirlie

    Vlad you did a great job with these pictures! I really like the f/w previews from coach it looks like they are finally using some good leather again and thank goodness they finally ditched the logo over load.

  • GUy

    Give a shout out to Maya Hayuk for christ’s sake

  • Venessa

    These photos are absolutely amazing, Vlad. You are so talented!

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