Coach HandbagOk here is my question of the day: What in the heck gives the people at Coach so much time to make new designs every week?? I would love to have that much time on my hands to just be switching it up and changing it around all the time. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time. Not even close. Between moving out of my place now and getting ready for a month long vacation in Europe, I’m busy as ever. But I did make time for some shopping today (of course I find time for what is really important) and as I passed by the Coach store I saw the new Coach Chelsea Bouclé Demi.

I love fall. This new Coach bag is able to add a touch of refinement to your new fall wardrobe which, by the way, is taking over the stores. A small side rant – why is it that in sweltering 100 degree heat do we have velour, velvet, corduroy, and wool in the stores?? Could that not wait just until it makes it back into the 80’s at least?? Anyhow, the bag is trimmed in leather and features a brass ring closure. There are pockets galore with the inside zip pocket, cell phone/multi-function pocket, and back open pocket. Made of imported wool blend fabric with lightweight suede and leather trim, the bag looks like it is made of tweed and sure as heck is not made to be carried around this summer. The dimensions are 8 7/8 x 5 3/4 x 2 3/8 inches. Even though we are all still frying from this unbearable summer heat, this fall bag is ready at Coach for $228.

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