Christian Dior Fall 2013 Handbags (10)

Dior built a solid foundation for its accessories with Raf Simons’ ready-to-wear debut in Spring 2013, and for Dior Fall 2013, that design success only grows. Casual observers might question the choice to adorn many of the bags with midcentury Andy Warhol drawings of shoes, but fashion and art tend to make less-than-strange bedfellows as of late. From a marketing perspective, it’s a smart, not to mention stylish, move.

What’s really notable for us (and what will sell, of course) are the bags sans illustration, many of which expand on the idea of the Dior Bar Bag, which was new in the Spring 2013 collection. The bag now comes in a wider east-west shape, in addition to the north-south version we’ve already seen, as well as ostrich, crocodile and heavily beaded versions. The Dior Diorissimo Bags also continue to be a highlight, particularly in mirrored silver leather. Would you be brave enough to carry a Warhol-emblazoned version?

[Images via Vogue]

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  • Amanda

    So ridiculously pretty. I’ll take one of each.

  • FashionableLena

    Very cute and whimsical. Not my aesthetic, but I’m sure that someone will buy them. I’m not really shoe person.

  • kristint

    loving the structured ostrich print one!!! not a big fan of the shoe ones though..

  • TFlan


  • Karen Smith

    love it!!

  • Rashida

    Wow! Lovely collection!

  • Sofismart handbags

    Like it so much, simple but sophisticated!

  • PCAI

    I love the new dior bar bag! Does anyone know how much it is?

  • Isobel

    Been all over the internet and back. Could someone please answer the big two questions re Dior/Warhol A/W bag: Available when? Available where?


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