[Editor's Note: While we scale back our post schedule to spend the second half of the holidays with ours friends and loved ones, we're re-publishing some of our most popular posts from past years with new information, additional photos and updated pricing. We originally gave you five reasons to own a Chanel Flap Bag, but now we're back with ten.]

Some people dream for years of owning a Chanel Classic Flap Bag or Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag (and now, a Chanel Boy Bag), some already own multiples of each, and still others think that they're too traditional and played-out. I couldn't agree less with that third group of people – with lots of finishes, colors and sizes, Chanel's famous flaps have a little something that everyone can appreciate, if you stay open-minded. Still on the fence? Allow me to persuade you… (more…)

When it comes to Sharon Osbourne’s handbag preferences, it’s Chanel and only Chanel, almost exclusively. She does carry other brands from time to time, but as of late, she seems to favor black Chanel bags of every shape and size. Here’s Sharon leaving her hotel in Tribeca in the bitter NYC cold with a gorgeous Chanel Alligator Satchel. (We’re not 100% certain that this is alligator and not croc, but since Chanel generally seems to prefer gator to croc for most of its bags, it seems a safe bet.)

Last we saw Sharon, she was wrangling a startlingly massive, black Chanel Flap Bag. For a tour of some of the most luxurious of luxury handbags, you can check out “The Many Bags of Sharon Osbourne.” It is absolutely Chanel-tastic, but there are other high-end brands on display. I won’t tell you which, but you can probably guess. Spoiler alert: Sharon doesn’t really trifle with anything that costs less than $5K.

Chanel bags (and jewelry, and clothes) are as notoriously difficult to come by as any in the luxury market. Chanel doesn’t sell its wares online (and doesn’t plan to in the near future), and if you’ve never tried to just waltz into a department store or Chanel boutique and purchase one, you might be surprised at how hard it can be to find a store with the most sought-after styles in stock. Solving this kind of problem is the Internet’s specialty, though, which brings us to the huge crop of vintage Chanel bags, accessories and clothing from What Goes Around, Comes Around that are currently available via Moda Operandi. (more…)

You can never have too much Chanel in your life, and while we gave you our own look at some of the Chanel Cruise Bags, we now have a preview of the colorful Chanel Spring 2014 collection.

When the collection hit the runway in September, the art theme was evident everywhere from the show’s gallery-inspired show set to the collection on the runway. When it’s all together, a full look can feel a little too much like an art project, but when you take the accessories out of the show, they feel like they have an entirely new meaning. Ss colorful as they were on the runway, the bags stand out because of their classic nods to the brand’s signature details, but with a fresh touch. I was absolutely smitten with the ombre Chanel Boy Bags and found myself enthralled with the sequin Chanel Classic Flap. There were colors abundant, along with entirely kitschy portfolios and, of course, the highly editorial Chanel Backpack.

The good news is we have tons of photos so you can begin planning what you want from the Chanel Spring 2014 collection, and we’ll update this post with pricing information as soon as we hear back from Chanel. Which is your favorite?

In general, when we look at bags, we look at the big picture: how a bag looks, feels and functions as a whole unit. After all, that’s how women use their bags, and even a great detail or two can’t make up for a bag that has other serious shortcomings. That’s why we love it when Chanel gets super creative with the iconic Chanel Classic Flap Bags; the feel and function of a Classic Flap are time-tested, so Chanel’s frequent reinventions of the exterior are almost literally the icing on the cake. Today, we’ve got some serious icing for you.

These three bags, brand new for Chanel Cruise 2014 (check out our exclusive photos for more information on the line as a whole), are members of the “Exceptional Pieces” line within Chanel’s handbag division that holds the rarest, most exotic and most expensive bags that the brand makes. A couple Exceptional Pieces appear every season, and Cruise 2014′s are pretty magnificent. The pink bag, with thousands of sequins, beads and pearls, is pretty clearly Valentine’s Day-themed; Chanel generally releases a bag to commemorate the holiday, and if you look closely, many of the pink sequins are heart-shaped. The blue and white bags are more vaguely spring-related, but no less beautiful. Click on the images below to view larger versions of each. All of the bags retail for $4,400; to purchase, inquire via Chanel.

Chanel Beaded Flap Bag Blue Chanel Beaded Flap Bag White Chanel Beaded Classic Flap Bag Pink

I love this time of year, as my favorite storefronts change our their windows with holiday displays and add new items often. If you happened to pass by the Chanel 57th street location over the weekend in NYC, you will have seen the new Chanel Cruise 2014 display. We got to see some of the best bags from the cruise collection and photograph them for you before the other stores have their windows transformed as well. (more…)

This Chanel backpack looks like it belongs to an art student, but it probably won’t fit into most aspiring painters’ budgets.

Kate Upton was recently spotted at the arrivals gate at LAX carrying a classic Chanel Cerf Tote. This particularly oversized version of the Cerf Tote seems to make an exceptionally good carry-on for a celeb on the go. Kate also seems to be quite partial to this particular shade of indigo blue – we spotted her with a gorgeous croc Celine bag a few months ago that was the exact same shade! You can now shop an assortment of pre-owned and vintage Chanel bags and accessories at ShopBop.

Yesterday news broke that Ms. Upton is reportedly in talks to star (most likely as herself) in the upcoming “Entourage” movie adaptation, which will start shooting next year. If you were wondering, Kate has only a smattering of small acting gigs on her resume, but that’s never stopped a beautiful supermodel from breaking into movie stardom before.

Jessica Biel recently attended a MoMA 2013 Film Benefit in NYC while wearing an assortment of exciting Chanel goodies. Her white dress is actually from the Chanel Resort 2014 collection, and while it wasn’t exactly intended for autumnal wear, I think she makes it work here with the right accessories. Her gorgeous clutch is a very special Chanel Lego Pearl Clutch. Now, far plainer versions of this clutch go for nearly $10K, so there’s no telling how spendy this version would be to the average consumer. Lucky for Jessica, she’s the kind of person who gets loaned things, gratis. (In related news, her husband Justin Timberlake just acquired 600 custom Tom Ford pieces for his upcoming tour. I can’t imagine those were all freebies.)

The theme of that MoMA benefit by the way was “A Tribute To Tilda Swinton,” whose recent contributions to the arts include taking extended naps inside a glass box at MoMA. All jokes aside, I wish we saw Tilda out and about in designer wares at least half as much as we see Jessica Biel, as I greatly enjoy her highly eclectic style. But alas, Tilda tends to keep a comparatively low profile – except, of course, when she’s letting complete strangers watch her get some Zs for the arts.

Here’s Sharon Osbourne, arriving in London to play her part on the UK’s The X Factor (aka, the original X Factor). As you can see, Sharon is carrying a truly massive Chanel bag that we’re dubbing the Chanel Oversized Flap Bag. It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest Chanel bags we’ve ever beheld. It’s gargantuan, so it obviously makes a perfect airplane carry-on, especially if you’d like to smuggle something large and exotic across international borders, like a live animal.

Sharon’s handbag collection is chock full of black Chanel bags of every variety, but this bag obviously stands out from the crowd. In fact, you could probably fit all of her Hermes Birkins in this one Chanel bag, which makes it seem like a strangely practical choice for an A-lister like Sharon! You can examine the rest of Sharon’s Chanel stash in “The Many Bags of Sharon Osbourne.”

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