The Many Bags of Victoria Beckham

Now that we have our fancy-schmancy new gallery system up and running, which provides the biggest, clearest images we’ve ever been able to give you on PurseBlog, it seemed only right that we exploit it with a truly fantastic celebrity bag wardrobe. Naturally, our minds turned to Victoria Beckham. Like the Olsens before her, she’s one of the only celebs to ever show enough knowledge about what makes a good bag to translate into an incredible accessories collection of her own.

That knowledge comes from years spent carrying some of the most incredible handbags on the face of the planet, it seems, including an Hermes repertoire spanning multiple exotics, including the incredibly rare Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin. Victoria’s come a long way from her Posh Spice days, but it looks like her handbag-buying days might be behind her. Instead, Vicky B. now carries almost exclusively pieces from her own line. In my mind, that makes sense – if you’re a celebrity, and you’re going to design your own collection, why not make sure it’s full of all the stuff you want to wear and carry? Check out Victoria’s handbag closet, from Hermes and beyond, below.

  • Karen Smith

    I have been waiting YEARS for this. Now I am finally at peace, having found a meaningful purpose in life….STALKING VB’S BAGS!!!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      HAHAHAHA this really made me laugh!!

  • Karen Smith

    This should be renamed the many birkins of VB actually

  • Gidan Nodza

    …the many Birkins and other bags

  • Miles

    I love her style,bags and everything about her… Including her husband

  • Miles

    Love everything about her, including her husband

  • ????? ??????????

    I’m actually surprised it took you so long to make this article about her

  • brandy

    OMG:) LOve them ALL!

  • jayl

    I Have to admit! I love the Bags but I love the Husband more!!! Best accessory of VB!

  • thabile

    I love victoria and purseblog

  • Jame Ervin

    That white Kelly is way too big for her! She should probably make her assistant carry it.

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    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      So sorry, we are working on fixing this stat!!

      • anouk

        thanks, Meg! I just viewed it and my favourite of the loot is probably her purple kelly and she looks better with the pixie hair; just my two cents. she’s such a poser, isn’t she?

      • Joys

        Please fix it soon I’m dying to see her collection!

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