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  • kemilia

    I think Lisa had a lighter pink Birkin this past week too. She loves her pink for sure.

    • Yep, I noticed that on the show! Sadly, I couldn’t find a picture of her with it from our photo agency.

  • Kleon1613

    it’s the Chanel Coco Cabas tote

  • Maya

    where are the sunglasses from????

    • Which ones? We’ll try to find out for you!

      • Chelsea Miller

        the green ones that Lisa is wearing. I believe they are Sama?

      • lilmiss

        they are oliver peoples sunnies she posted on twitter something bout it

  • jj

    that reed krakoff…so beautiful

  • LRD

    I love Lisa’s outfit ….where can I buy the top????

    • LRD

      The outfit Lisais wearing holding the Valentino Embroidered Flower Tote

  • LisaO

    Great article! I think that Kyle’s navy blue is actually a vinyl In the Business and not a patent classic (I saw her talk about it in an interview and also you can tell because the quilts at the bottom are larger than on the flap). :)

  • ms

    Kyle also has a red birkin and a black crocodile jige. Kim has a white ostrich kelly and a black ostrich jige. Yolanda has some exotic hermes, and Brandi wears a lot of mcqueen.

  • nm2012

    lisa has many birkins its shows them in her new closet

  • nm2012

    portia is the most adorable child ever

  • Malgosia

    Should I have a matching purse and handbag? EG same colour and brand. I have some gorgeous bags and can’t decide whether to get new purses to match.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Kyle’s collection is my favorite. Does anyone know the designer of the green bag that she carried through Paris this season?

  • Steffi

    I love Lisa, but Kyle’s collection is my favorite!

  • fuktskada Interesting to see …. thank you it’s well done :)

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