The Many Bags of Sienna Miller

Is it just me, or do you feel like we’ve been seeing more of Sienna Miller recently? After her romance with Jude Law finally came to an end, the American press seemed to lose a bit of its interest in her, and according to IMDB, she didn’t act in movies at all from 2009 to 2012 after working steadily for nearly a decade before that. Perhaps the tabloids got a little too close and Sienna needed a break, but it seems as though that vacation is over – she was in several movies that came out last year, and she’s been making the party circuit with her new fiancé in New York lately.

Considering all that, now seemed like the time to take a look back at all the interesting bags that Sienna’s carried over the years. As you might expect for someone with such a particular aesthetic, Sienna’s collection fits her personal style quite well. It also fits her nationality – she carries more British designers than anything else.

  • Cady Heron

    Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have the old “View all” option available back please??? Nobody appreciates this laggy time consuming flip thruugh of everything one picture at a time. Why not keep the old format if everybody like it just fine??

    • Munnie

      Each time a post of TMB comes up somebody will be voicing out about the inconvenience of the gallery slideshow format.. But there hasn’t been any reply from the editors! PurseBlog, please please listen to your readers!!

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      • Mai

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  • Sandra

    The Dior Saddlebag….Oh my word, I forgot how much I wanted one back then….never bought it, I guess that is good as it did not last. Still kinda cool though…. The Miu Miu shine bag….is also of interest….

    • shueaddict

      ohhh I also saw the Gaucho and sighed … I was quite young when it appeared and the price was then well out of my reach, but still remember lusting over it

  • jen

    I agree–I hate the new viewing format. I find myself saying ‘nevermind’.

  • Lilly

    I love the orange Miu Miu or is it Prada? And that other black Miu, and the Chanel, otherwise, I’m not impressed. Her bags are not that versatile and they are tiny. I would love to see a celebutante with a luxe collection of bags, that is not all well known labels, and I know there are plenty because I have quite a few.

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