The Many Bags of Sharon Osbourne

As you can imagine, it takes several hours of work to put together one of our “The Many Bags of…” features. We have to look through thousands of paparazzi photos, squinting at grainy thumbnails that may or may not include bags we haven’t even thought of in four years, trying to remember what they’re called and who made them. When that’s done, we have to organize all the information we’ve gleaned into a logical whole for your viewing pleasure. It can get a little tedious at times, but with the right celeb, it’s actually pretty fun. Lucky for me, Sharon Osbourne is definitely one of those “right” celebs.

First of all, it’s important for you to know that a significant portion of these photographs were taken while Sharon was either heading into or coming out of Barneys in LA, which seems to be her favorite place on Earth. (Who could blame her, really?) Many of the others were taken on shopping trips to various other locales. By all accounts, Sharon would make the best shopping buddy ever, and she’d probably buy you a little Chanel while she was at it. Second, the Chanel – she loves it. There is just…so much Chanel. Third, Sharon often makes faces at the camera, has crazy, fiery, unnaturally red hair that has, at times, been styled like she put her finger in a socket and seems to own little in the way of clothing beyond items that are black or white and loose-fitting. I say that with love, of course – I’ve loved her since the days of The Osbournes and look at all these photos only made me love her more. If kids of my parents’ generation thought June Cleaver was their TV mom, then Sharon Osbourne is mine. (And actually, she reminds me a lot of my actual mom. In a good way, if you’re reading this, Pam.)

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  • Harry

    That little mini x-body in Liz/Ostritch is The Row! As for all the Alligator I’m guessing older VBH on the burgundy?!

  • lilay

    erghhh. can we have kate upton next!?!?

    • Amanda Mull

      We have to wait for Kate to expand her bag collection a bit more before that can happen – it’d only be about five pictures long!

  • CM

    Love it all!! I agree I desperately want that mini cross body Chanel.

    @lilay Kate Upton?! LOL why?

  • melvel

    Please feature Jennifer Garner, i love her bags!

    • Amanda Mull

      She’s one for the list for sure! (I keep a literal list on a Post-It stuck to my computer.)

    • Lilly

      Really? She always looks so unkempt, except for the red carpet.

  • Lilly

    She loves to shop that woman, I recall from her MTV show, she and Kelly hid their purchases from Ozzy, and they shopped a lot.

    The only bags I love are #’s 11 and 12, the rest are meh. I like bags that are unusually shaped and those two look so luxurious.

  • Lilly

    I would love to see the bags of Solange Knowles, or her shoes. She’s so unique.

    • Amanda Mull

      I would love to do something on her! Unfortunately most of the photos our photo agency has of her are either from concerts or red carpets, so not that many bags.

  • Amanda

    So much Chanel! Can you blame her? The one with purple hardware is pretty awesome.

  • londonhermit

    Great job Amanda I love the many bag of posts.

  • Evelyne

    I’d love if you did a feature on Alex Curran Gerrard! If nothing else, you should browse her collection in your free time. It’s quite incredible!

    • nappy

      but she had been found wearing “questionable” Celine bags…

  • Jenifer Morrison

    Brilliant comment about the canvas tote-Truely enjoyed seeing all of the photos of her with her bags:-) Thanks!!!!

  • Angela

    Love the crocodile bag. Who’s the designer ?

  • Gemma

    Coleen rooney please

  • AMDG

    Keep up all the hard work on ‘the many bags of..’! Its the post I hang out for every week. Its more fun when the outfits are eye candy too though.

  • Gingir

    In this photo, she is Kelly totally!! Great Birkin colleciton, am green with envy.

  • Maya

    The skull bag IS indeed a McQueen, a large De Manta tote, I have seen this one around :)

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