The Many Bags of Nicole Richie

Few people have handbag collections as extensive and covetable as Nicole Richie‘s. We’re all well aware of her undying love for Balenciaga, but she mixes in everything from Chanel, to Hermes, to Chloe between her much-loved Bal bags. On top of that, the purse options from her House of Harlow 1960 line aren’t bad at all. Nicole has her handbag game on lock from multiple angles.

What I love most about Nicole’s style, though, is that you can find pictures of her wearing most of these bags (especially the Balenciagas) multiple times over multiple years. Just because something isn’t “in season” anymore doesn’t mean she drops it, and going back to your favorites no matter what is always the sign of a celeb who loves handbags as much as we do. Below, check out Nicole’s enormous, covetable handbag collection.

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  • Amanda

    Her Bal collection is unreal!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      CRAZY good!!!

  • Hilary Sloan

    Her bag collection is insane!! I <3 those Balenciagas!!

  • AshleyG

    *jaw drop* best collection yet…

  • kemilia

    Her Bal collection is unreal, and all the others too–how does she decide what to carry when she goes out? (what fun!)

  • Sebastien

    I would love to spend a day playing in her closet.

  • chelsea

    ugh absolutely amazing. BEST collection. Inspired to go buy another Bal :)

  • Steph

    omg about time!!!!!!

  • pixiegirlie

    I love Nicoles handbag collection and her style, she got me into Bal. However I think the tan suede city might be a ponyhair.

  • Niel

    The Damasks are to DIE FOR!!!!

  • Jenny

    Thank you for this one!! I love Nicole and her amazing handbags!

  • nappy

    whew! i had a Balgasm after that!! i LOVE (and own most except a silverado which i dont understand.. and an Antigona {soon hopefully!}) all her bag choices and i am still hunting that Celine bi-color luggage mini (in that wonderful combo of black bag white handle) up to now to no avail..

  • Katrina

    amazing. you forgot her HUMUNGOUS chanel jumbo classic. thats an easy favorite.

  • Victória

    Wooow, she has an huge collection of balenciaga’s bags! Love this last Chanel, so adorable!

  • anouk

    i bought a Balenciaga because of Nicole!!!!

  • eli

    That last Chanel box bag is TDF. I would steal that in a heartbeat.

  • Margo

    This post has me salivating! I would love a Bal bag, but can’t decide if I should go neutral or choose one of their gorgeous colors! I don’t do well when faced with so many options! Wish I had Nicole’s collection in my closet. *swoon*

  • Tali Kogan

    Nicole is a style icon! Adore!

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