The Many Bags of Hilary Duff

I’ve been planning to write The Many Bags of Hilary Duff for quite a long time, and you’ll see why in a moment. The one-time Disney wunderkind turned full-grown actress has a bag collection to rival almost any that we’ve explored in these parts before, and the diversity of brands that Duff has toted over the years is a reminder to all of us to try new things. As long as those new things are designer handbags.

If you want to gawk at some gorgeous Chanel, Hermes, Goyard or Balenciaga handbags, then we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Or, more accurately, Ms. Duff has it – she’s accumulated an extraordinary collection that nearly anyone would be happy to call their own, and she’s done it in a relatively short amount of time as a handbag aficionado. Without further ado, check out all the goods below.

We’ll start where I think Hilary would want us to start: Chanel. Her Chanel collection is enviable (just like the rest of her handbags, so no surprise there), and she tends to stick to the brand’s world-renowned flap bags. This burgundy version of the Chanel Flap Bag has some very interesting front hardware.

Yes, I promise it’s Hilary under all that Halloween makeup. Her bag? A silver Chanel Small Flap Bag.

Hilary also has a healthy appreciation for the classics – the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, that is.

She also loves the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in this beige version.

The Chanel St. Tropez Flap Bag is a little less classic (at least in Chanel terms), but it’s certainly no less covetable.

Not all of Hilary’s Chanel bags are flaps, though. For instance, we spotted her with this Chanel Reissue Camera Bag.

To top off her Chanel collection, check out this totally drool-worthy Chanel Fall 2011 Large Tote.

After Chanel, it seems as though Hilary’s next great love is Goyard (told you she had all kinds of stuff in her collection!) She has the Goyard St. Louis Tote in three colors. First up, yellow.

Next Goyard St. Louis Tote? Green, of course. Hilary often uses these as baby bags now that she’s a mom.

Even before motherhood, though, Hilary was a big Goyard St. Louis Tote fan.

Beyond just the brand’s famous totes, Hilary’s also been known to carry this petite Goyard Pochette Purse Bois Clutch.

Duff tends to rely heavily on big, open totes. In addition to her Goyards, she carries her Louis Vuitton Neverfull quite frequently. Pick up your own Neverfull for $900 via Louis Vuitton.

Being a California girl, I’m sure Hilary gets a lot of use out of her light, casual Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy. You can have one of your own for $790 via Louis Vuitton.

To complete the LV menagerie, we have Hilary’s Louis Vuitton Limelight Clutch.

It seems like for every designer Hilary likes, she makes sure to include several bags in her collection. This Givenchy Nightingale Tote appears to be her first piece from the brand. Available for $2,020 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Naturally, Duff followed up one Givenchy with another: the Givenchy Pandora Satchel. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $2,020.

Last but not least, Hilary added a Givenchy Antigona Satchel to round out the group. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $2,450.

Somehow, I’ve only managed to spot Hilary with one Celine bag (the Celine Luggage Tote you see here), but I bet we’ll see her with a Trapeze any day now.

When Hilary carries this Prada Fairies Satchel, it hits me where it hurts – I’ve always wanted one of these bags! Shop Prada via Neiman Marcus.

Hilary also has a Prada Vitello Lace Bag to keep the Prada Fairies company. Shop Prada via Neiman Marcus.

And now, let’s explore Hilary’s Hermes Birkin. From what I can find, it seems as though this black Birkin with gold hardware was her first orange-box acquisition.

Next up was this big blue jean Hermes Birkin, which Hilary’s using here as a carry-on.

Most recently, Hilary’s been carrying another black Hermes Birkin, this one with palladium hardware.

Duff’s collection is diverse beyond just high-dollar brands, though. Here she is with a Juicy Couture Pleated Satchel. Shop Juicy Couture via ShopBop.

Hilary’s CC Skye Rich Gypsy Bag is also pretty easy on the wallet. Compared to a Birkin, at least. Get your own for $567 via LA Style Rush.

Like every other starlet of her era, Hilary at one time carried an Alexander Wang Rocco Bag. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $875.

Hilary also sometimes goes for less well-known designers, like with this enormous Parker Ochs Federico Travel Bag.

If you follow our celebrity coverage regularly, then you already knew that Hilary is partial to her Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2,450.

You’ve probably noticed by now that Duff is primarily a fan of large, roomy bags. Her Fendi Mia Borsa Grande Bag has “big” right there in the name. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

Occasionally, though, she goes in the complete opposite direction – this Mulberry Mini Lily Bag is about as small as a handbag can possibly be. Buy the full-size version for $1,296 via MyTheresa.

Hilary also carried Mulberry – the Mulberry Mitzy Hobo, to be exact – on the set during her stint on Gossip Girl. Shop Mulberry via Net-a-Porter.

Now that Hilary’s a mom, some of her bag needs have obviously changed. Isn’t this Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-Baby Bag adorable? You can pick one up for $298 via Neiman Marcus.

Years ago, Hilary was carrying a completely different type of Marc Jacobs baby bag – the Marc Jacobs Baby Stam, to be precise.

The more I write about celebs and bags, the more clear it becomes that every celeb has a studded Miu Miu bag, like the Miu Miu Studded Leather Crossbody, somewhere in her closet. You can get your own Miu Miu studded situation sorted out for $1,295 via Bergdorf Goodman.

You guys remember the Valentino Maison Studded Bag from a few years back? Hilary totally had one. Shop Valentino via Net-a-Porter.

Last but not least, let’s embark on a brief tour of Hilary’s impressive Balenciaga collection, start with this sage green Balenciaga Work Bag. The same bag in blue will set you back $2,045 via Neiman Marcus.

Work bags, like this black Balenciaga Work Bag, fit neatly into Hilary’s penchant for big totes. Pick one up for $1,695 via Neiman Marcus.

I think what we see here is a Balenciaga Giant Covered Work, but at this angle, it could possibly be a Part Time. Shop Balenciaga via Neiman Marcus.

Sometimes, Hilary goes a bit smaller. She has a few Balenciaga City Bags, too.

After all this handbag loveliness, it’s only fitting to end on a sunny note – this bright yellow Balenciaga City Bag, to be precise. Make one your own for $1,545 via Neiman Marcus.

  • Girlwiththegoldengun

    She is my favorite <3

  • Karlien De Smet

    These bags are madness :) she has the BEST collection!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil


  • laura

    wow, impressive indeed. I had never paid attention to her but she really knows the good stuff. I love her collection.

  • Ingrid

    You’re right Amanda, it is a Balenciaga Covered Giant Work. The Part Time has the rings at the end for the shoulder strap and the zipper tucked inside.

    On a side note, girl’s bag collection needs to be Coveteur’d!!

  • lisacng @

    I think this is the largest celeb bag feature you’ve ever had! You are right…what a collection for someone so young. And also quite classic and fun too. Drool.

  • Bidy

    Awesome collection! She really has good taste for her bags.

  • anouk

    Indeed! What an amazing collection! and her accessories are to die for! After seeing these, i truly believe a petite woman can accessorize as much! thanks, Hillary!

  • Sebastien

    She spent every dime of her Disney income well, I still will never forget when she placed her azure Birkin on the parking lot floor though…

  • Lorena

    Her bag collection is wonderful, just as her shoe collection. I never seen a celebrity wear so beautiful shoes as her.

  • Yeranikm

    Does anyone know if that red tassel keychain is a McQueen? You can see it in several of the photos…someone let me please…thanks

    • antonella.28

      yes, its the Alexander McQueen Leather and Brass Skull Keyfob

  • thundercloud

    love her and love her bag collection!

    btw, the one you call “chanel st. tropez” is actually the chanel medium chain around messenger.

  • Natashers21

    Best handbag collection yet! love HD!

  • Steph

    her collection is BEYOND AMAZING

  • Evelyne

    Her blue Birkin is actually Mykonos, a little more vibrant than Blue Jean!

  • felicia hasibuan

    absolutely absolutely adore this!Her collection sends a great message of getting the bag that fits you not the other way around. I really admire her collection. practical,classy. beautiful.

  • Evelyne

    Her blue Birkin is actually Mykonos, more vibrant than Blue Jean. In any event, she has an amazing collection!

  • FashionableLena

    I’ve always liked Hilary Duff. She seems to have survived the Disney (or Nick?) machine unscathed. She wears them so effortlessly.

  • ruemonge

    I can’t get past the first picture. Beautiful bag, great mommy outfit, wonderful bracelets, and the cutest baby ever!!

  • Krissie

    I believe her birkin is Mykonos, not blue jean. Could be the lighting!

  • LustForBirkins

    I’ve been a huge fan of hilary for such a long time, and now her bag collection makes me love her even more!!

  • Ashley

    new to purse blog :) Hillary Duff definitely has the handbag collection I Covet the most!!

  • Ritz

    i have all her bags in the photos

  • Nikopun

    Does anyone know what the burgundy chanel bag in the first picture is called?? I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE! Love her bags AND her looks btw!

  • Jumi

    I absolutely love her collection. Lovely bags to die for.

  • Sarah

    i swear she has a bigger collection than even kim kardashian. or at least a wider variety of bags than other just hermes. her collection is gorrgeous as well as her.

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