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  • Girlwiththegoldengun

    She is my favorite <3

  • These bags are madness :) she has the BEST collection!

  • laura

    wow, impressive indeed. I had never paid attention to her but she really knows the good stuff. I love her collection.

  • Ingrid

    You’re right Amanda, it is a Balenciaga Covered Giant Work. The Part Time has the rings at the end for the shoulder strap and the zipper tucked inside.

    On a side note, girl’s bag collection needs to be Coveteur’d!!

  • I think this is the largest celeb bag feature you’ve ever had! You are right…what a collection for someone so young. And also quite classic and fun too. Drool.

  • Bidy

    Awesome collection! She really has good taste for her bags.

  • anouk

    Indeed! What an amazing collection! and her accessories are to die for! After seeing these, i truly believe a petite woman can accessorize as much! thanks, Hillary!

  • Sebastien

    She spent every dime of her Disney income well, I still will never forget when she placed her azure Birkin on the parking lot floor though…

  • Lorena

    Her bag collection is wonderful, just as her shoe collection. I never seen a celebrity wear so beautiful shoes as her.

  • Yeranikm

    Does anyone know if that red tassel keychain is a McQueen? You can see it in several of the photos…someone let me please…thanks

    • antonella.28

      yes, its the Alexander McQueen Leather and Brass Skull Keyfob

  • thundercloud

    love her and love her bag collection!

    btw, the one you call “chanel st. tropez” is actually the chanel medium chain around messenger.

  • Natashers21

    Best handbag collection yet! love HD!

  • Steph

    her collection is BEYOND AMAZING

  • Evelyne

    Her blue Birkin is actually Mykonos, a little more vibrant than Blue Jean!

  • felicia hasibuan

    absolutely absolutely adore this!Her collection sends a great message of getting the bag that fits you not the other way around. I really admire her collection. practical,classy. beautiful.

  • Evelyne

    Her blue Birkin is actually Mykonos, more vibrant than Blue Jean. In any event, she has an amazing collection!

  • FashionableLena

    I’ve always liked Hilary Duff. She seems to have survived the Disney (or Nick?) machine unscathed. She wears them so effortlessly.

  • ruemonge

    I can’t get past the first picture. Beautiful bag, great mommy outfit, wonderful bracelets, and the cutest baby ever!!

  • Krissie

    I believe her birkin is Mykonos, not blue jean. Could be the lighting!

  • LustForBirkins

    I’ve been a huge fan of hilary for such a long time, and now her bag collection makes me love her even more!!

  • Ashley

    new to purse blog :) Hillary Duff definitely has the handbag collection I Covet the most!!

  • Ritz

    i have all her bags in the photos

  • Nikopun

    Does anyone know what the burgundy chanel bag in the first picture is called?? I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE! Love her bags AND her looks btw!

  • Jumi

    I absolutely love her collection. Lovely bags to die for.

  • Sarah

    i swear she has a bigger collection than even kim kardashian. or at least a wider variety of bags than other just hermes. her collection is gorrgeous as well as her.

  • LadyRinka

    Damn.. So much bags