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  • louch

    Whoa – neck cleavage. Nice bag…

  • gpc

    yes, money can buy you many birkins and phantoms, but it surely can’t buy you any class…

  • Rashida

    I wonder why they have so many haters?

  • FashionableLena

    I am very envious of their handbag collection, but I find them to be very tacky.

  • kate w.

    I like the fact that she looks athletic, not anorexic as so many socialites/actresses do…..

  • kleon1613

    that’s definitely a phantom, you can tell by the braided tassel in the front and the non-structured sides of the bag. She’s all about having the absolute best of the best…

  • i live it in gray will be nice but where the moneyyy….. too much i can’t afford but i love it….

  • i think the hater was those jeolous….kkkk poor girl who can’t afford and say stupid things… But reality they died for…kkkkkkkk

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