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  • Or

    No Ferragamo Sofia??? That’s like the bag which is associated with her. how could you miss that?

  • Steph

    Love Jen and her bags! Justin is super hot, very happy for them

  • pixiegirlie

    I’ve always loved the tom ford over zip bag when I saw pics of her wearing it. Now I finally know what brand it is! It’s what got me to look into more crossbody bags.

  • mlle p

    Love Jen and her killer style and lots of great bags there, but the fiance still creeps me out for some reason…

  • Elegant Tomatoe

    I like Jen, but her wardrobe is so dark! all black :O

  • crazybaglady

    What great pics of Jen & her lovely bags, esp. Tom Ford! Such a classy lady; hope she is happy in her new life with Justin T :)

  • LOLA

    I love the fact that she’s not the typical Designer-Obsessed star. No Hermes or status symbol bags but bags which fits her lifestyle and her style. She’s carring what she likes!

  • Deedee

    Love her style! My favorite is the Tom Ford flap bag. Was oogling at it when I saw it at Neiman Marcus.

  • Tess Knows

    Love her looks always. She really knows how to make it always just right. Some of the stars just look too contrived. She looks real but always great!

  • lauren

    is the tom ford flag bag in #7 brown? i always see her with the black version but does she have 2?

    • lauren


      • tiffany

        She has two – black and brown

  • Zubaidah

    Nice one. Shopbop does no have this Lucy bag

  • se7enpunk

    love her stye but don’t really care for her bag collection

  • Xdm1

    Does anyone know the measurements of this bag? I think it is about 14 inches wide, but I know they come in medium and large and am not sure which one this is. I think the smaller bag is only 12.5 inches wide. So hard to tell from the picture!

  • michelle

    Generally, I like Jen and her style so much. But from her collection, I haven’t found a single bag of my taste..

  • Val Bowman

    Who makes the brown shoulder bag and where can I purcase it? any idea how much it costs, I just love it, she has such class!!!

  • danae_washingto

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  • Renee

    I like that she clipped her hair claw on the strap! Makes her seem just like any one else. :)

  • Sammy

    I love her style completely! She is classy, easy free spirited and just love the way she wears her scarfs. I get all my inspiration from her dress sense. Love her to bits!!!

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